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Fiverr mentor needed!


Greetings Everyone!
I’m kind of new to Fiverr. I just joined two months ago but still struggling to get an order on my gig. I have responded to over 35 buyers request in this short period, but all to no avail.

I’ve heard a lot about Fiverr and would love to be part of this great team.

Please can someone put me through on this and help me succeed on Fiverr too?

I’ll appreciate your help 100%.

You can check my profile here for my gigs


I’ll humble accept whatever corrections you give and work steadily to improve.



Have you browsing through the forum? Especially on the ‘Tips For Seller’ category. You can find many great tips from those who already made dollars here


OK! Thanks. I’ll do that immediately.


I’ve followed all the suggestions found in this forum but for the past 1 month there has been no forth coming jobs. Please can someone help me out with some more hints?


Hello Japhydata,
Did you try social media promotion?
What are your impressions, views, clicks stats looking like?



The truth is my impressions, clicks and views are high but no jobs. I’ve even tried promoting on my facebook, twitter and on blogs but still nothing.
Kinda confused now


have you tried sending buyer requests?


Sure! I have responded to over 60 buyers requests so far.


Keep trying and have patience.


Good morning :slight_smile:
My suggestion after looking through your profile is this-
You say in your profile that you write resumes, blogs, and write in general.
But you only have one gig for proof + edit.
I would create a few more gigs–each specific for your other skills.
If possible, place in several categories (so that you have more opportunities in buyer requests).
You will always have the problem of tons of competition, because of the type of services you offer. But, I see you are offering a super low rate. So that should help for now.
Also, make your main gig pics really creative so they stand out.
And I always suggest mentioning your name both in profile and gig descriptions.

:penguin: May.


Hi there,
I am a new as well on Fiverr, and i want to know, how we can find Buyers.
i appreciate your help on this forum


@razafimandimby It will take hours and hours, but there’s no way around it unless you know how to work this site intuitively (which some people do). Here’s what you can do: and and and read everything people already wrote here on the forum. I promise there is nothing you want to ask that hasn’t been answered already. :slight_smile:


@mae_creativity Thank you my dear,
will try it.


WOW! I never took note of that.
Thanks a lot.


I’ll work on that immediately.


My pleasure. :slight_smile:
And I forgot to mention–have fun with the process and enjoy practicing the art of patience.
It took me months just to get to level 1. And I’ve been active as a seller for a year and still have only 82 sales. Since I have and still do enjoy the process and enjoy the art of being patient, I would just be frustrated all the time. :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: