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Hello, I did not do anything. just told to a client, that please check the pop-up and let me know. By that,Screenshot_178 I am facing this kind of problem

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@webbitpro wait until reviewed then solve it’s good otherwise send evidence and contact Fiverr support if you you don’t have any wrong no problem the solve your problem

It’s because you used the word “up” and then the word “work” and Fiverr’s automatic checker thinks you might be talking about some other site (where, depending on what is said about it, could be a TOS violation) even though you weren’t. Once it’s checked by the Trust and Safety team the message will be sent to the user (since you haven’t actually said anything wrong in the message), but it might take up to 24 hours. You could send the message using different wording if you want them to get your message quicker.

If you’d said “check this pop-up is working correctly” it should have been okay.


Yes, but i am sending message to clients and he is replying . That mean, he is seeing my message. as i got leart that buyer can’t see my messages… now, will i need to contact support?

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No, you shouldn’t need to. Once the trust and safety team see that there was nothing wrong with that message they’ll allow it to be sent to your buyer. But it might take 24 hours.

It’s just that flagged message that wasn’t sent to your buyer. You can continue to send and receive other messages with the buyer.

Your buyer will receive other messages you send (unless they are also flagged, but if they are, once they are accepted by Fiverr’s team, which could take a while, they’ll also be sent to the buyer), it’s just that that particular message wasn’t immediately sent to your buyer (they might still be waiting for that message to be sent due to it being automatically flagged and waiting for the T&S team to approve).