Fiverr message system : inadequate



I’ve been using fiverr for over a year. I find this new design to be good looking, but lacking in basic function.

With the old site, new notices and alerts were listed chronologically at the top.

With this one, I am constantly missing messages.

For instance, when someone puts a message on an order, I dont get that notice unless its showing up in the latest 5 messages on the message icon.

When someone delivers my order, I often dont realize it and it until its long delivered.

Because I delete all the fiverr spam that comes to my email, and I prefer to just check messages on this site.

The only way for users to do that, is to click the message icon at the top and see only the most recent 5.

I would prefer something with a number of new messages and alerts, something color coded.

With a full page layout of all messages and alerts, such as deliveries.

This new system is fundamentally flawed and causes me to miss important communications.

THats my rant