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Fiverr message system issue!


What is wrong with the website??!! I am unable to message to my buyer! Please work on your website for this kind of REPETITIVE bugs that are destroying the user experience!! You are receiving 20% of my income each and every time and in return, I am losing new customers! What is your problem? Go hire some freelancer to fix your website if you don’t have enough skilled web developers!
Give me a solution within one hour!! I can’t lose my reply timing because of your website bugs!!

Also, the customer support team needs 24-48 hours to reply! What a joke!


I’m afraid it will be faster if you’ll contact support directly. Not sure how often and if they even checking this threads.

But anyway, I’m also experiencing the same thing. I can see part of the massage in notifications from clients but when I open it they disappear. And when I’m trying to reply my messages also disappearing.

It is indeed annoying but hopefully they will fix it soon


i am facing same issue.hopefully they will fix it soon.


I sent them a message before writing here. And as usual, they need at least 24 hours to reply, and I will successfully lose that buyer!


The worse situation: I already have an order open and it’s due in couple of hours and I can’t read or reply on clients message



Try to remain calm! :slight_smile:
I know this is an awkward, and annoying situation.

BUT we need to remain calm and collected.
This is a temporary issue and it WILL be resolved.


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