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Fiverr message system not working right, delayed messages, missing messages

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed many of my Fiverr clients stating that they didn’t receive my reply, so I sent it again. I brushed it off as possible new users of Fiverr not knowing how things work yet.

Then two regular clients that order on a regular basis started complaining that I didn’t reply, or that they already replied 2 or three times to my request. At that point I decided that some investigating needed done.

Turns out the Fiverr system is not delivering all the messages as expected. Some show, some don’t, some are delayed and show a couple days later. Being that I develop websites for clients and make adjustments to sites, there is quite a bit of communication required. The missing messages are causing some real problems.

The latest problem, a gig marked 7 days to complete…I’m 5 days in and still cannot get all the details from the client, but the client has stated they were sent. I contacted Fiverr support 5 days ago, but still have not received any support at all on the problem.

The notifications bar at the top will show that the client replied. But when I click that, or view the gig, there is no reply.

I’ve tried from a different computer, different browser, and even cleared the cache of course. It is both on my side as the seller and the clients side where different messages don’t show. Even with a forced page reload with holding SHIFT and clicking the reload button on the browser.

So right now I’m 5 days into an order that I cannot get the details I need because Fiverr is not showing them (even though the client sent the details). Support is not answering and I have 2 days left to rush and finish something I don’t even have the full details for. It is against Fiverr TOS to communicate directly by e-mail, so now what?

Anyone else having problems with missing messages?


Earlier in the summer, a seller and I seemed to be having that kind of problem for several weeks. CS eventually cancelled the gig (not at my request). They said that all the messages I’d sent had gone through, and that I’d received all the messages sent by the seller. I think there might have been a serious enough glitch that they were unable to see the attempted “sendings” that failed to go through. While of course it is possible that the seller was making a very elaborate attempt to lie about why she was running late, it seems unlikely, given our previous transactions and the fact that she knew I didn’t need the project for at least another few months.

With another seller in an unrelated field… Six weeks ago, I sent a non-urgent query to a seller who asks that he be messaged before ordering. I have no idea if he ever received it.

Short version: there might be a problem.

So, yea, I sent a follow-up note to that seller this morning. He replied almost immediately, saying that he’d replied to the original note the day after I sent it. His first reply has never shown up.

I am struggling with this very issue right now. Is there anything to fix this, I have a client who sends me his orders through messages and now everything is gone.

I am a buyer and you are right. I’ve been trying to get a project done for 1 week using 2 sellers to no avail using. I just realized last night that this is the problem.

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When I click on my in box, I have no messages. If I click on dashboard, messages show up. This has worked twice now. Hopefully this is a temp solution for a temp problem.

Yes, there was definitely an issue today, the messages did show up eventually, and Fiverr support came back really quickly too.

I understand there was a system update a couple of weeks back, I’ve had a few problems with messages and response rate etc since. Fiverr has helped although I don’t know if the root issues have been cleared.

Same thing, haven’t received any messages, I’ve had to send 3-4 times and still they are not getting threw. Any solutions yet from Fiverr??

It started today, can’t send anything to anyone.

Yup something is seriously wrong with the system. It’s been getting progressively worse over the last few days. I’m guessing that CS is being flooded with tickets about it, as they suddenly jumped from a 12-hr response time to me now waiting over 3 days for a response.

I’m having all the same issues.
The newest glitch that was just added to the pot is that I no longer show as being online while I’m surfing around the site.

It just “feels” like they lost some of their server cloud and the remainder is thrashing the disks trying to move all the communication data around.

Yep I also noticed that :frowning: but I think now all fine :slight_smile: not Sure Just Think :smiley:

Thanks! I’ve been trying everything with different computers and cache. Figured it had to be a Fiverr issue that they have not announced publicly. They are normally so good with getting back with support. I can’t get this gig done because the clients reply is not showing.

I wish they would post some kind of notice on the front of their site that there is a technical issue. Its making sellers and buyers look as if they are not replying. That hurts gig ratings, reviews and getting orders done in time. :frowning:

I also experienced this in a couple of orders last week, but so far it seems to be back to normal again.

I’m still having problems. In fact the same client ordered again today in hopes to actually get me the details. I received notification of the order and notices for five replies he left which show in the top toolbar. I can click the order notification and it shows the order.

There are FIVE notices after the gig order notice that shows he replied with instructions/details for the order. When I click the notices there is no reply. If I go directly to the gig, still nothing.

Come on Fiverr!!

I’m having the same problem, I wish fiverr sellers and buyers could use the forums to communicate. It seems to be working fine.

Same issue. I’ve sent dropbox links 3 days in a row and the seller keeps asking when I’m going to send the content for the project.

It hasn’t been working for either the buyer, me - or the seller this week or last. Sometimes messages come through and sometimes they don’t. It’s very frustrating. Is there another way that we are allowed to communicate without these hassles?

Links can cause a legitimate delay if you send them inline. It doesn’t always happen, but putting certain words or links can flag the message for review by Fiverr. Words like Skype, pay, email can do it too.

If you have to send a normal link for delivery like a dropbox link, send it as an attachment, like in a text file. (Of course, I don’t advocate this for illegitimate reasons and doing it for those can get you in trouble.)

I have been facing this issue for a long time and I had to cancel some orders too. Can anyone from fiverr resolve this? fonthaunt???

I think I may be experiencing this as well, I just had a 6 day back n forth with a customer saying they never received two offers I sent and it got heated as they basically called me a liar saying I never sent them and I mean after that I got fed up and called them stupid for not been able to read simple instructions and sent a screen shot to prove I did but I think the damage was already done.
I would hate to think that Fiverr is losing me $ because they are failing to deliver certain messages and more importantly gig offers! :frowning: