FIVERR MESSAGE: Time to update my browser?


I see this message now from fiverr:

Update Your Browser
You are using an old browser version.
It’s time to update it, and it’s free!
As of January 1 2018, Fiverr will no longer support the browser version you are using.
To keep enjoying Fiverr, all you need to do is update your browser.
Install the latest version of Internet Explorer for free.
Install the latest version of Firefox for free.
Install the latest version of Chrome for free.

So will buyers be able to use fiverr if they don’t update their browsers?


I got that too. Firefox says it is up to date, probably a bug on Fiverr’s end.


I just updated chrome, it took two seconds.


Thanks for the heads-up! :ok_hand:t4:

I think I’m good to go!


I also get this message. i think more feature will be coming on january 1