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Fiverr messages not working in web and app

fiverr messages not working in web and app.even can not do read unread after refresh all same back.


the same situation.might lose a potential client.


may be fiverr bug .lets hope its clear soon


Heres another thread on this- I haven’t heard on any updates, but it affects gigs, messages, archives, etc.

Yes there’s a bug that’s not showing my orders

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Chiming in that I’m also having problems with messages not being sent. Its funny because my Buyer is seeing notifications with snippets of what I’m saying but he’s not receiving anything on inbox or order page. But he can read a snippet from the notification of a message received.

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I can’t deliver orders. I’ve sent an attachment to a customer 5 times and it isn’t going through properly


Same here unable to mark a message as read and sending message.

Message and Delivery functionality are still broken.

No word from a mod yet, eh?

My issue is seams resolved. I am able now to send messages.