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Fiverr Messaging - no realtime update - was it designed in 1996?


So does anyone get exasperated by this?

You try to talk to someone using fiverr messaging, but the message window
does not update the chat?

The chat window has not updated, even though the other person has messaged you, so you send another message, just as your email tells you they actually have sent you a message, but you don’t know this, as the chat window needs refreshing manually.

Than you have to apologize, because you didn’t realise the person at the other end has already replied. They are probably experiencing the same delay. your messages cross and bounce making everything impossibly clunky and poorly communicated.

And you say “shall we ■■■■■ or facetime” and the fiverr bot system thinks you are trying to go offsite to scam it out of revenue - but you’re only suggesting it because the messaging system is broken and you just want to communicate.

Rant over.


The word “SKYPE” was redacted from my previous message by the wise bots at fiverr


I was not swearing lol!


I haven’t had any problems with it. Granted, I don’t have a strong need to chat real-time but when I have done so out of convenience, it updates fine on PC. I don’t use the mobile app because the app isn’t great in general.


thanks for sharing your experience.

I’m on PC too,
I wonder why it does not work for me?

I use chrome / windows 10 / fiber broadband, all up to date.
(fiverr is so broken you can’t even log in on firefox)


I, unfortunately, must say, I have issues with the inbox on a desktop (Mozilla user). Sometimes it does show a new message, sometimes I have to refresh the page to see it. It’s quite annoying. :smiley:

P.S.: Slow PC or internet connection might be considered as the problem, but I have great PC and optical connection


Hi - checking in:

I use well-maintained, enterprise level PC and Macintosh computers with the latest OS.

I have backup machines with older OSes for work related compatability testing as well.

I have the most expensive tier of Business/enterprise fiber available for my city (London - UK). My connection also features failover to 4G that is nearly as fast as the fiber. You really can’t get a faster connection than this. Which is a moot point - because if this is a connection issue, how come my EMAIL!!! gets the IMs faster than the IMs do?

I really don’t think this is an end user problem.
the problem is still there if I use an intel atom powered tablet in starbucks in a basement in the middle of nowhere. Or the center of town connected to fiber (I have tried this)

I honestly think Problem does not Exist Between Computer And Keyboard.


PS - @ matevzs1 did you really get fiverr working on Mozilla/Firefox?