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Fiverr Messanger Not working fine


Hello everyone,

I am currently experiencing a lot of issues while conversing with my clients. My messages, sometimes just did not send up, sometimes messanger takes too much time to load and sometimes I end up sending same message twice due to this bug.

Is it just me or for everyone? Please note, sometimes it keeps opening me the robot check page where I need to verify I am not a robot :expressionless:

This is too irritating :frowning:


Still okay at my side. Try to clear your browsing history and cache data to get rid of the robot check page.


Fiverr messenger doing fine as usual. probably you are having net connection prob. you can talk to your internet provider with this issue since they are operating your internet connection.


Do try what @helal8512112 is suggesting.
Try turning off your VPN if you are using it.
And try another browser.


Thanks for the reply mate. But I am not using VPN or any such thing which can be considered as suspicious


It seems an internet connection problem, nothing wrong with messenger.


Thanks, I think as I am the only one facing this issue, It should be some problem with the Internet or the browser itself


Yeah, you should try a different browser.