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Fiverr Messed my Gig


Fiverr updates are really crazy. I’ve faced lot of loss due to their recent update. My top selling gig was on 8th page ‘Avg Customer Review’ of Logo design category. But now its no where. I think after this I will get a message that your account is no more…? This is a crazy experience. It feels dubious future on this marketplace.

Facing worst Customer support during these days as they dont know what to reply, then just send ‘Copy paste’ things, every time you have to explain from zero.


It seems like your account was suspended.

Did you violate any of Fiverr’s ToS?


Nothing, they have just one reason for this ‘Due to gig modification’ it takes 24 hours which is totally lame excuse. Its been 48 hours and nothing. Customer support lie alot or just share copy paste replies.


hang on there. Fiverr does not suspend accounts or remove gigs because you made a modification.

I modify my gigs on a weekly basis, and I never get suspended for it.

Maybe your modification violated fiverr’s ToS? did you copy anyone’s work?

what did you do?


As I said, I do the same, modify my gig monthly basis and every content is original but now they have only one reason to share’ It will take 24 hours and when time is up they say gigs randomly change. Totally lame. They have messed with my gig and don’t check messages properly and just send copy paste content


Take a deep breath here, I am sure it will be alright :wink:

I recently waited 4 days for 2 of my gigs to appear after I made changes.
There seems to be a more detailed review process now.


It will reappear by it’s own. Same happened with me yesterday only.


This seems positive notion. Well, I’m hopeful too. Thanks


Keep in contact with seller support so you can find out what is going on. It will come right in the end if you are doing all the right things.


Frank, her account isnt suspended, its a bug where Fiverr adds “1” to the username when they update an email addy.

This is her account:


@djgodknows oh I failed to notice that. My bad. Wow Fiverr never fails to …er … fail us.

My bad then for assuming @stephanie_1453 was suspended.

Has the gig review process changed so much? If I change my gig’s description right now, will it get pulled for 2 days??


The standard server propagation for updates used to be 48 hours. Not sure the current status with the latest update stuff Fiverr has been doing. Since you are TRS, you might get a quicker response from them.

So give it a shot and let us know perhaps?


@djgodknows I am aware of the time it takes for Fiverr’s servers to actually refresh gigs, but I thought the issue was that a user updated a gig, and her gig was taken off of search results?

that has never happened to me so far.

Did I miss something?


Wow, umm, usually when you update a major content of your gig, the gig DOES disappear for that period of time.

So that not happening to you is actually quite odd. :thinking: