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I’m having issues in creating milestone orders, I can only create up to 3 milestones - is this correct? is there a way to create more?


Yes, you can only create upto 3 milestones. It’s annoying, but it is what it is. Wish we could create more than that.

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Personally, I wouldn’t recommend milestones.

Divide it into three orders. Buyer has the option to accept each one as it is delivered … or will auto complete in 3 days, in which case you’ll get paid.

The 8 day wait is far too long. And if the buyer decides to cancel half way through the 3rd milestone, then the whole lot is cancelled and you’re left with nothing.

Think very carefully before setting up milestones. You’ve no real protection.


I would not recommend them either. It is much simpler to break the job into parts and send custom offers as you go. That way you and your buyer have a chance to see if you are a good fit.


Ah alright, that’s annoying. Hopefully when it comes out of beta it will be higher

Oh, thats interesting. I’ll have to be careful with it. Hopefully the full release of Milestones irons out these creases, as it seems like an awesome and useful feature to have.

I agree, it is much simpler to send multiple orders, however in my experience splitting things into multiple orders kind of complicates things in a way. I hope Fiverr make the milestones better.

Not for a proofreader. But perhaps with what you offer it is more complicated.