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Fiverr mobile app color change from green to brown and none of clients showing online?


Hi everyone,

First I would like to wish everyone for a happy and prosperous new year ahead. Hope all of my friends get all the success in the upcoming days.

Let’s talk about my queries.

Actually, I noticed my Fiverr mobile app color changed from green to brown from this new year and none of the clients are showing online in the inbox. All clients are showing offline in inbox after the color changed from green to brown.

So can you please let me know why this happening. Is this type of things happen with you as well or Fiverr has updated new app or is there any problem with my account.

I’m receiving orders but none of the client showing online. why?

Just want to know.

Please help!



I’m experiencing the same thing. I was talking with one of my clients and when they are typing, it says they are online and the bubble is green. After that, it turns grey and show that they were last active 9 minutes ago when we just talked. It’s a bit weird. Maybe it’s more updated so when someone leaves the site or app, it turns grey instantly.


one of my clients sent me an attachment just now. It’s still grey and it says they were last online an hour ago. I don’t know what’s the deal with fiverr to be honest lol