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Fiverr mobile app Edit option

Hello everyone why don’t we have options to edit gigs on mobile app if a person want to change something at any time so its easy for fiverr mobile app user to manage fiverr from mobile.

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True. However, a gig needs to be edited and customized professionally. Using the Mobile App would be a trouble and may look untidy for the way gigs are made. It won’t be easy for sellers to edit a description, requirements etc… using a mobile device. Although, if you do want to use your mobile device, you can use the “Request Desktop site” option in your mobile browser to visit the desktop version of the fiverr site, enabling you to edit your gigs.


Yeah .you right @kanishka_w

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I agree with you @kanishka_w :wink:

Yes i know that but why dont have this option user friendly?

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