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Fiverr mobile app query

I need a suggestion I used fiverr mobile app on a fiends phone(As my phone was broken),Now I want to use the fiverr app again on another phone.Will it be a problem?? And my friend also wants to use fiverr app .Will it be a problem?
Thank you


You might have to contact Fiverr Customer Support for that. There might can be a problem of multiple account, if your friends start using fiverr app with his account.


how can I contact customer fiverr support?

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Here is the link:

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It is may be solved better by customer service of fiverr.

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This sounds like a bad idea. It’s good to have a phone for verification, too. You’d be better off to replace your own phone even if you have to use a cheap used phone. If you can’t, use a PC until you have a phone. If Support tells you otherwise, fine, but multiple users is risky.

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