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Fiverr mobile app


Do any of you know when a new mobile app is coming? It would be really helpful to easily manage my gigs from my phone.



There are already mobile apps available for iPhone and Android phones. I don’t know how full-featured they are but they definitely exist. Every time I go to the Fiverr website on my Kindle fire I get annoying repeat prompts trying to get me to download the android app even though it is not Kindle compatible. Anyway, I think you can find them in the Apple store and Google Play.

Yes fiverr is available in the app store. I use the Android app, it’s pretty functional. You can even deliver orders with it, check messages, order updates etc. There are links to these in the footer of the forum as well :slight_smile:

I do use the Fiverr app for iPhone, but I can’t see my revenues, make a paypal withdrawal, send a custom quote or edit a gig. I’m also thinking about buying a tablet and I wonder if there is a dedicated Fiverr app for iPad, optimised for a bigger screen.