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Fiverr mobile need some work

I feel like Fiverr mobile could use a nice upgrade:

  • available now should be on the mobile
  • can’t change my gigs
  • can’t cancel order or accept cancellations
  • somehow I don’t get a notification with every message?

But don’t get me wrong, it’s a good app! I just could be better.



@madebyabby Excellent post. Great suggestion for fiverr apps. I am agree with you in this regards.
Fiverr apps will be more friendly to sellers and buyers.

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i only appreciate with the first suggestion,
Fiverr has improved their apps a lot more than early days. You cant send cancellation request but you can accept cancellation, I think you dont know this feature


It has improved indeed!!

I agree with you 100%

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agreed :+1::+1: i want that features on mobile

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Spot on - the mobile app is a useful tool if I am away from the office for any time but doesn’t quite get it right.

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Nice and sometime its working very slow but i think it’s because of so much traffic. i think.

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