Fiverr Modification/Rejections


I want to know why Fiverr has a Request for Modification in the gig and then when you send it back it shows as Rejected. I hope the Fiverr Seller does not lose any points or whatever scales you rate them by for this. If you say modification, why does it not just say modification. I guess I am not fond of the word ‘reject’ and truly hope this does not affect their status in anyway. If it does affect them regardless then unless a seller doesnt respond to the modification request, should ‘reject’ be a final status to a gig that cannot be resolved in my opinion.

Thanks, D!


How do you get past the “modifications” and “rejections”.

I have been 4 days trying to put a “Gig” on here and it keeps rejecting and now it says I need to do modifications, but it doesn’t SAY what I need to modify.

I am so frustrated with this whole process and NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER and this is my 5 time on a forum to find help… and NONE.

Any suggestions?



Sounds frustrating. I read a lot of newbs having a tough time setting up gigs. There are so many variables involving your photos. videos, descriptions. It’s hard (if not impossible) for anyone on this Forum to pinpoint the exact cause or fix. It’s a process of elimination. You have one gig up, so you must have done it right at least once. Contact Fiverr Support and ask for a specific reason.


Thank you for the response and I am glad to know that the seller isn’t penalized in anyway. I think the other questions are for the seller forum as I am a buyer and just wanted to know if my modification request affects the seller.

I will put it into the suggestion box to Fiverr as it could be worded differently IMO.

Thanks again D!


Thanks for the answer to the original question! I’m facing that same issue of having requested a modification, and it showing up as rejected. That being said, I’m not getting any response back from the seller regarding the remainder of my order, or the modification request. Its been about 5 days since the original due date where I received a partial product and heard from him last, so when I saw rejected, I thought the seller had rejected the project mid way. How long does it usually take to get modifications back?


Reply to @ryanspringer: If its been 5 days the seller might have missed the modification request, you could try sending a normal message.


please bro did you get the solve of modification video gig


Sorry to interrupt but Your Bro posted this 2 years ago. He might/can not answer it. You will become a :skull: if you wait for his reply.
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