Fiverr "modification request"


Some people just use it to get their money back. I do something, they “request modification” and ask for something that wasn’t even written in the description of the gig, which puts me in a bad situation.

I’m not sure if that’s on purpose or not, and if Fiverr Team can even do something but it, but it’s annoying.


If you have a clearly layed out policy as to what you offer in your gig, for your gig extras, and so on Fiverr generally is pretty good in handling these kinds of things. Especially if the buyer uses words like, “I would have liked” “I wish that they offered” “I was hoping”. Just make sure to clearly take the time to describe it to them.


Reply to @freelancemm: Hey, thanks for your reply! Can I say that I won’t deliver a modified work unless I’ve done some kind of mistake in the order, or is that against Fiverr policy?


Reply to @danielunited: As kjblynx has stated, that is perfectly fine. Just don’t let a buyer take advantage of you asking for multiple edits/revisions. At most I generally only offer one edit, and it’s generally associated with the bigger orders. In some cases if it’s something simple I may have made a mistake on that I may have missed before delivery, I am usually glad to fix it for them.

Also. Have you tried contesting your bad feedback? If you feel his negative review is based on “personal taste” rather than the order itself, you can contact customer service with the order # and explain the situation and most likely get the feedback removed. :slight_smile:


Yes, agreed, but the thing is… No money back as Fiverr stated :

I am sorry but we do not refund orders to Paypal as stated in our Terms of service. All refunds remain in your Fiverr account to be used on future orders.