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Fiverr-money seems to be declining

I will now carefully call this a bug, because someone somewhere could maybe become very rich like this. There could be another possible explanation and i am ready to hear/read it. I’ll show two screenshots before and after refreshing the site. They will explain everything. (In words: a few cents vanished from my fiverr balance display located right next to my profile picture…also i don’t get why my response rate is 0%…i have responded to everything so far.

file picture)


The few cents changing is probably down to currency exchange rate fluctuations - Fiverr’s base currency is US$, so, even if you have always used Euros, the amount will always be converted from US$ in the software.

As to the response rate - dunno. This is a bug that arises from time to time. Contact CS, be prepared to wait for a response.


But have you responded to every first message received in the last 60 days within 24 hours? Your response time is showing 2 days and responses that took over 24 hours will lower the response rate just like not responding at all will.


I understand. I did get a mail from a fiverr staff member or something. I thought it was spam and did not reply, then i saw my response rate drop to 50% suddenly, got scared and replied a few days later. It was some offer for an online course. Since then it has been 0% i think…you think that could have been it? So waiting more than 24 hours with a response is the same as not responding at all? that kind of sucks. I barely manage to check fiverr every day.

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I thought the same. Saving money on fiver is for dummies, huh? At least as long as the $ is losing value…

Though one message (either replied to after 24 hours or not replied to at all) should only cause one response rate drop I think. It might also be affected by whether other message(s) that you had replied to on time went outside the 60 day window leaving only late/no replies messages left in the 60 day window.

You could check all the first messages you received in the last 60 days and when you responded (whether it was within 24 hours) or whether you didn’t respond, and check whether the percentage is correct. If it looks incorrect you could contact CS to have them check/fix it.

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