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Fiverr Monopoly = Bad Experience

i want here to demonstrate my complete dissatisfaction and deception with the platform call fiverr.

first of all, fiverr nothing else is that a system to make sales, and creates nothing, that move the fiver ahead are the majors of workers that provide services every day.

fiverr must waive a period of clearence of 14 days after a sale is performed with excuses that it is to ensure customer satisfaction and financial processing.

i complete a gig and will have to wait 2 weeks, even the customer giving a 5 star review, about the pretext that it is to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

but the truth is that fiverr takes money on the platform, and it is illegally obligated to spend the money on the platform or remove an exclusive fiverr’s credit card, so creating an economic abuse.

to justify that, fiverr informs that i accept its terms of service, but that does not say that fiverr has the right to create an internal monopoly with money of honest workers.

Has something happened to make you write this post?


Sounds like Fiverr is just not a good fit for you. There are thousands of us that are pretty happy here.


But most traditional employment comes with a two week pay period? Fiverr isn’t doing anything weird or outside the norm.

My other job is as a substitute teacher. The public school district also pays me two weeks after I’ve worked. It was the same when I was at home depot…It’s normal! :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as them creating nothing, they are a service-based business, not a product-based one. The service they provide is the maintenance of this website and the marketing. If you really don’t see the value in that, you could work exclusively through your own website and do your own marketing. I gave that a try a while back and I realized I’d rather use Fiverr. I get more work and spend less time on administrative and marketing tasks.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean when you say that fiverr is “illegally obligated to spend the money on platform.” Mt money goes straight into my bank account and I spend it on bills. If you meant Fiverr themselves, they have no obligations when it comes to how they spend the money they make.

A lot of your post is tough to understand. I’d recommend rewriting this so that others understand your perspective more clearly. I have no clue what you mean when you talk about a monopoly. Fiverr has tons of competitors. There are lots of other Freelance platforms out there.


Well said. …


Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your post. :slightly_smiling_face:

14 days after your gig’s completed you can withdraw your funds - you don’t have to spend it on the Fiverr website. You can withdraw to PayPal or Payoneer:

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… you understood it?

No idea what you’re trying to say. :grimacing:

From what I’ve gathered, you’re peeved about the credits. I don’t like credits, it’s an inconvenience. Websites I heavily order from refund back to my card. Note: I don’t have to send them a request to do so, it’s automatic. So, this part of your rant I totally understand. Also, on top of the credits, the additional fee is a PITA.

Well done! :clap::wink::sunny:

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When I taught school, I had to wait a month after the school year began to get my first monthly paycheck. :grimacing: Two weeks is speedy to me. :smirk:

Fiverr provides me a place to set up my business. :convenience_store: Giving them 20% of my income is much cheaper than paying the rent and utilities :money_with_wings: I would have to pay for a regular storefront.

I use Paypal to withdraw my :moneybag: to my checking account. :bank: I do not have to spend it on the platform. If I receive a credit from Fiverr and do not choose to spend it on the platform, I can get it deposited by asking CS.

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I am sorry that you are upset. Some other freelance websites hold money earned for 1 month before freelancers can get it. Another site requires $50 in the account before the freelancers can withdraw their funds. Fiverr is not perfect, but compared to those two things, Fiverr looks pretty good.:slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you can work out your unhappiness.:slightly_frowning_face:


oh my :open_mouth: did you really understand about this things?