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Fiverr moved my gig category and I don't think that it fits it, what should I do?

Gig in question offers Twitch clipping services. You can promote and gain more visibility to your twitch channel if you have a lot of funny clips on your channel. I can clip your streams for you. This used to be in “Video & Animation -> Other” as there’s no fitting category for it. Fiverr moved it to “Animation For Streamers”.
I do not do any animation though and “Other” as the category fit more. But when I tried to move it back, I got a Fiverr message, that they moved it to “Animation For Streamers” and that I should update my Gig asap. Does that mean that I’m not allowed to move it back to the “Other” category?


You could contact CS and tell them you don’t do animation in it and ask if you can move it back to where it was previously.

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Fiverr has recently added a new category and also published that news on forum.

As they have updated that (video & animation) category , they have moved your gig to “Animation for streamers” . Because streams is mentioned in your gig title. I think you can move your gig again .You can try that again by editing your gig . And if you can’t move then contact fiverr CS.

You can contact them through this link >>

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