FIVERR MUSEUM — Artwork by Fiverr's best artists


Since us creative types don’t only work on Fiverr, I thought it would be useful to start a thread to showcase the latest creations that don’t appear in any of our gigs’ live portfolios.


Let’s turn this thread into some sort of art exhibition — with no entrance fee. Visitors, please leave comments. :slight_smile:

I will begin with two portraits drawn today. Then it’s YOUR turn to post YOURS!







Want to be added here? Post your artwork below!


Collected too !


Beautiful! I wish I could draw. You can’t tell my drawings apart from a 4 year olds kid =))


Haha, thanks all of you! :slight_smile:

I wish more people posted their own works here, though. I’ll come back a little bit later with a few more portraits, but I don’t intend to make this thread my own portfolio, more like a museum with creations by different fiverr members.

Thanks again for the nice words!


Hehe your portraits look so great :O. I am glad you made this post. I was looking for something similar to this. Here is a cute portrait i made! My style is rather comical than realistic or sketchy :slight_smile:

thanks !


Reply to @anzal1: It looks amazing, and the colors are very well chosen. Something doesn’t seem very natural about the wings but I guess that’s because… well… they are wings.

I really like it, and I hope you’ll come back as soon as you have something new to show. :slight_smile:


Wow i love that anzal1!

Very nice :slight_smile:


Reply to @getaportrait: I didnt pay much attention to the wings. It was also because i was working on an old tablet and a rather retarded software. Now i bought a better software/tablet. Thanks anyways :slight_smile:


Reply to @psychicrainbow: thanks :3


Reply to @anzal1: I love this guys work. I talked about him in my most recent blog. I want to order soon. Good job anzal1


Here are some quick new drawings.

@anzal1 If you have anything else to show, please share it with us. As you can see, people are interested in your work. :slight_smile:




They look awesome, Radu. :slight_smile: Very well-made.

Just one question, though: are they digital paintings or photo manipulations?

Thanks for sharing you awesome artwork!


te hee I’m glad you like em.

They are a little bit of both. It originaly starts with a picture and ends up as a digital painting :slight_smile:


here another example


Reply to @radugeorgescu: It’s good to know. You’re doing a fantastic job, I love it. :slight_smile:

Off-topic: Romanian too?


You guys are so talented!!

Let me show off my painting too :slight_smile:

I bet most people think I can only dance. Tell me what you think about my drawing skill LOL

PS: This is the drawing I drew in…2003, no kidding :smiley: I am too busy to draw anymore :smiley:


Another one :wink: During Christmas in 2003, I drew it for a handmade card :smiley:


Reply to @tumichael: I really like the Christmas card / collage, it has a anime-ish cute style. :slight_smile: Big like.