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Fiverr must be upset with me

All my gigs went to 0 impressions overnight. I’m a god freelancer though, I’m a show them I can walk on water.


Hey, mine too! :scream: :flushed:

It must me a :bug:


I was going to :heart: your gig but that would be a little insensitive.


Come back tomorrow. Data is not refreshed yet

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I must be weird.

I never look at my analytics page. Never. Too easy to get all twisted out of shape seeing no one visiting your Gig or clicking on it. Same with reviews. I never read those either.

But I found your post funny! :smile_cat:



Must’ve been a glitch cuz things look back to normal. I have a plan in store if things ever drastically changed. I was ready to shift into full x-games mode but now I can fall back.

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Make a diss track on fiverr pls

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Don’t worry…
it happens every day …
where i’m from in morning 4or 5am same happen it goes to zero and 8 am morning it get new data updated…
After 4 hour new data update.

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Don’t worry. It was maybe an updated time. That is why 0 impression

Same for me. I only checked because @j6nyc6 made a post about them. :wink:

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relax my friend by a time you will won

I never used to check my analytics, either.

But since becoming active on the Fiverr Forum, I have checked to verify that the numbers drop after a Gig edit and that sort of thing.

Otherwise, I don’t care if I’ve had 10 or 25 impressions today…lol


My gig got hit by a bus over night a few days ago and still hasn’t recovered, this last week I’ve had 2 nightmare customers, one of them placed an order and wrote “don’t have” in all of the requirements and cancellled and another left a 1 star review and reported me for giving them an “incomplete delivery” since then my gig has been sent into the shadow realm :slightly_frowning_face:

This happened to me! Turns out you need to wait for a while for the system to update.