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Fiverr must do something about gigs search trouble!

I`m having trouble about my gig.
I try to search my gigs in signature section and some time any of them does not showing and sometime one of my gigs show up and the other not.
if i cheek show online seller and English seller language my gigs does not showing but in Italian seller language yes
fiverr must do something for this bugs i don´t like to see my gigs click going down for this.

once i have contacted customer support and they fixed but now i see again the same problem

Sellers are not guaranteed a prominent place in the search results. I’m sorry to hear that your gigs are not as visible as you would like them to be. Perhaps you can use this time to market and promote your gigs outside of Fiverr – and bring in your own customers. :wink:


sorry but your comment its not write
i have checked all the pages and fiverr always show all user in term of search you make
i`m talking about fiverr site bugs because you can see i have resolve this once with customer support but i can spend my time to control my gig and contact fiverr support every time.

Please do not “correct” me. Not everyone is visible in the search system, and if they are, they aren’t always visible where they want to be. I’m sorry that your gigs are not showing up in search where you want them to be. Like I encouraged you above, if you aren’t seeing the kind or results that you want from the Fiverr search system, then it might be time for you to start promoting your gig elsewhere, so that you can bring in your own traffic and sales.


As long as you are receiving Impressions you are good,Incase you are down to 0 means you are not in the search result due to some technical reason and can file ticket,But as far as i know about this stuff is Fiverr is pretty much clear about placements and search results, You won’t show up for yourself many times but a buyer can see you also you need to have strong sales and positive feedbacks to remain in the same position, i found buyer request helpful getting people closer to your gig so you can send 10 daily, Do some sharing on social media posts in your friendlist and groups created exclusively for fiverr advertisement. I see its not a Bug everything is fine and i am also not showing up in search results but i do receive good impressions means i am still there somewhere :slight_smile:


were do you think i want to be in search??
I´m telling just if i check English and Online seller i does not show but in Italian and Online seller my gigs show up
and I´m talking for all the pages from Nr. 1 to the last
I don´t know if I´m clear?

yes, may be you have right, i have think the same and this is the reason i have ask here on forum to see if its a bug or may be some other reason
i like your comment

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I had a problem a while ago with the search filter of English - I wasn’t showing up. English is my only language BTW.

I set my language to UK English and US English - nope, didn’t work either.

I ended up asking CS and it took them a few days, but eventually I did show up for English as a language.

If you’re still struggling with it, have a word with CS and ask them to double check it for you. :sunny:


finally i can here some one give me right :wink:

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You might want to check if your correct ‘language pairs’ are (still) selected, please have a look at this thread here:


i have just checked now and now every thing appear great, and this is the reason i just think this is u bug may be I´m wrong but asking is never a bad idea:wink:

so i have to remove Italian language form my pages :grin::grin: and yes i just do it, lets hope now :+1::wink:

There is nothing that you can do to guarantee placement anywhere in the search results. Fiverr has an algorithm that determines placement. The best you can do is be a great seller, who delivers great work, and earns great reviews. Great sellers tend to rise to the top of the search engine results.

Note, I said they tend to… I did not say “guarantee”.

Worry less about the search engine, and more about being a great seller.

I think we cant understand together, i don´t know if you have see my pages and i have a great feedback for all my delivers.
Some other have already write here the same trouble resolved with CS

Thank you and have a great time.


Unfortunately, your “great feedback for all my delivers” does not entitle you to a specific spot in the search results either. You cannot control where you appear in the search results. There is nothing that guarantees you any specific placement in the Fiverr search.

Many people, like you, want to appear in a better place in the search results. Merely because they consider the lack of appearance where they want to be “a same trouble” still doesn’t entitle you, or anyone, to have exactly what they want, when they want it.

Thank you, but is not this case, when my gigs are showing they appear in the right place i wont

Be in the second page of search for me its great…

I was experiencing same issue, contact CS they will fix it

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i have resolved a few day before with CS, just i have see the same problem again.

You are fundamentally right. There are problems with search.
You can apply some filters and expect to see your gig but it’s not there.
For example, if I will apply certain criteria and see maybe 10 results with my gig included.
If I include “online” sellars only, my gig will disappear despite me being online. That’s a bug.
An email to CS gets it resolved. No explanation, just “your gig is appearing now” and it is.
So, bottom line, just email CS. It’s frustrating but it will usually get resolved (for a while).

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