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Fiverr must have just run another ad campaign in Dirtsylvania


Suddenly a ton of requests for discounts and free samples. Did they just run ads on the back of buses in Dirtsylvania?

Anyone else?


All I received was a request from a newbie through messages. I had commented on his post here in the Forum and he thought that was a good way to sell me his video service. But then I am only a level one and you @newsmike are famous!


LOL Famous for being OT in the forums.


I’ve been seeing a lot of people interested in autoresponders and funnels and suspected of using it within traffic exchanges. I generally don’t like those types of buyers…


I’ve gotten people begging me to give them a money spell for free lately with long sob stories.

And just $5 orders with them saying they can’t afford any more. It’s extraordinary. I’ve never experienced this barrage of beggars and cheapskates before.


Welcome to the club :smiley: What’s worse is even after you reply they don’t have the common courtesy to respond back…rather infuriating, to be honest.

Happy to see it’s just not me going through the mud for now.


You’re lucky! Mine never stop responding back — just when I think they are leaving me alone finally, a couple days later there is a long wall of words in my inbox from them carrying on about something. If I reply to that I get a nasty response. Today’s was:

Lol, Wow. Defensive…You took my comments wrong but Ok

That’s what I get for not using the report butten when I should have.
There is nothing like waking up, checking my messages, and seeing that little ray of sunshine.


Same here :disappointed_relieved:


I was passing through Crapsville, and Terrible City earlier today, and I overheard a few of those types of buyers talking about getting great deals, and asking for free stuff on Fiverr. I don’t know if it was the result of Fiverr advertising, but there do seem to be a lot of people crawling out of the bottom of the barrel looking for cheap/free deals lately.

I’ve seen the same from buyers in my corner of Fiverr as well. There seems to be an uptick in “buyers” who want everything for nothing, and are annoyed when I encourage them to consider the value in the prices that I have already set for my services.


I have noticed a huge jump in whiny $5 buyers, ready to lie - and give negative reviews based on nonsense.

This has only been since this new system was implemented. I wonder if buyers KNOW they can use that as leverage to make unreasonable demands? It’s also really easy for competitor gig sellers, to mess other seller’s rep up, and potentially facilitate a demotion.


Ahhh, been years since I went through Crapsville.


Just had another conversation where the buyer is too poor to pay anything but a few bucks. Depressing.

Maybe this is due to the showing of what everyone pays?
It wouldn’t surprise me. It becomes a game for people to try to only spend a few dollars when they can see what everyone pays.

It’s like a challenge to see who can be the cheapest one.


with just a few days left in the year, it’s the Last Train to Crapsville…


Not much has changed over the years. It’s still just as crappy. :wink:


And it’s probably going to go off the rails before getting there. :stuck_out_tongue: