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FIVERR must have to work on these

Hello Fiverr folks, I’ve been a member of fiverr from last 4 years I see the improvements in fiverr site but there are some issues/bugs which needs to be solve but I don’t know why fiverr isn’t taking it seriously.
Here are some of them

1. MUTUAL CANCELLATION (there are lot of people who ORDERED and send a dispute to cancel it , the reason they usually gave is “we accidentally did this, we don’t need your service”), and the lost is only for seller so fiverr should need to work on it, if ORDER is canceled mutually then fiverr should not affect our rating or they should provide an alternative way.)

2. LATE DELIVERY ISSUE (when someone ORDERED your gig then fiverr also suggest you to please deliver it as quick as you can so you have enough time for modifications if necessary but there are lot of buyers who came after 5, 7, 10 days to check their ORDER and they click on modification and fiverr shows us LATE DELIVERY and our rating will automatically got effected), I mean seriously.

3. FILE SIZE (Fiverr only allow us to upload a file up to 150MB, but as I am a video editor/maker so sometime I do have files more than 150 MB files so I upload them on a server and then I provide that link in the delivery description m but doing this fiverr send you warning that you are delivering empty ORDERS). If that’s the case then I guess fiverr is one of the biggest online platform, so they should create their own server or link fiverr to any server.

4. FIVERR RESTRICTIONS (their are many freelancing platforms which allows us to talk to the client very openly there is no restriction about any thing but on fiverr you can’t ask or share your personal info with the client, Hey fiverr there are some projects which needs to be discuss via call not via message so how we deal with those issues, wither you should create an alternative of it or remove these restrictions)

5. SUSPENSION OF GIGS (Sometime fiverr suspend our gigs and just shows us you violate our terms and condition and privacy policies), but never showed any specific reason of violation. Fiverr, you should show a specific reason of violation so next time we will be careful to those violations.

I know there are more too but I can’t mention every issue here but I guess I point out the main issues that every one is facing.

SO I humbly request to the Community members to please show the engagement to this topic so Fiverr can actually work on these issues.

This is definitely for the Good sake of thousands of sellers.
I hope we will succeed in it.

Stay blessed and Stay Happy everybody.


About mutual cancellation…
I also have advised Fiverr Support about the next…
Once order cancelled (i’m the seller) i received a message from the system suggesting me to choose between 4 sellers and one of them was me! HAHAHAHA
Today, i have received a message telling me that i have less than 12 hours to deliver… Sorry?? The order has been cancelled ! My ratio has drop a lot because lately no goods jobs come to me.
I’m not happy but it’s Fiverr and sellers like us are totally unprotected.
I hope that at least they solve their own bugs.
Let’s be patient