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Fiverr must require a buyer to pay before he saves an attachment

Fiverr isn’t an e-commerce website or design to handle transactions.
It is merely a message board. It doesn’t not require a buyer to pay before he save an attachment. Unlike, Amazon - a transaction website - which requires you to click the buy button before you save or download the digital Intellectual property. And they have no rejection button. Fiverr needs to incorporate that into their system.

That’s why sellers like me are getting exploited by malicious buyers. Customer service is no help. They will tell you we can’t make a buyer accept your work. But the buyer did accept the work. He only nominally rejected it. Nothing stops him from using the attachment he had saved. And cancellation only charges the buyer a fee. But no fee goes to the seller.

Fiverr runs like a lemonade stand.

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When he places the order he pays. Until then he is not a buyer.

If you deliver attachments to people who have not paid or placed an order that is your fault, not fiverr’s.

Do not deliver anything until they place an order.