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Fiverr My Portfolio option

Hii, Can anyone please tell me how I would be able to find My Portfolio option on my Fiverr profile. I searched a lot and found that this option is available to everyone. There are no specific level requirements for this. But it’s not showing up on my profile. I searched on Google but didn’t found anything helpful. If anyone knows about it please let me know, I’ll be grateful.
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Check this thread.

Check this answer.

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When you say “portfolio”, what exactly do you mean? Every gig has a portfolio - 3 images, a video and a couple of pdfs … buyer reviews can add an image to their reviews that are automatically added to the gig portfolio … and there are a list of sites you can link to from your gig descriptions where you can list portfolio items.

TRS and Pro have a portfolio option included in their account …

Which one are you looking for … ?

Hi! thanks to reduce my confusion but still some questions stands to ask.
1.On my gig description how can I link any site on which I have portfolio.
2. can I link my portfolio website in buyer request description?
3. Fiverr says a portfolio section on the left side of your profile section. I don’t find it just some websites for discussion purposes in which only behance have option for portfolio but it could not be clicked.

As long as your portfolio site is only for Fiverr, has no method of contacting outside fiverr and is on the list of authorised sites - yes, you can link to it.

Portfolio section on left of profile is only available to TRS and Pro sellers.

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I added flickr portfolio link but when I saved description it didn’t saved actually. It says it is a reminder you can’t send a link as it is against fiverr TOS