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What’s the Fiverr Algorithm?
I am Newbie in Fiverr but I am Experienced Enough at My skill.

You Know Everyone need sell. So Obviously I am one of them.

Someone tells me be active always, then someone tells like being active is not the solution.
There is a lot of Myth about Fiverr like social media marketing gives your gig boost. But here I found Someone says like social media marketing doesn’t do anything.

I don’t know how perfect my gig is.
I do many research and launch My GIG.

So any expert here who can please Disclose those Myth like how exactly Fiverr algorithm Works.

Its a Community So Don’t be Offensive. I need Help and Some Good Suggestion. I believe You guys Don’t let me Down.

Share your Experience.


Bearing in mind this conversation has been had several times in the last few weeks…

Google make it clear that they do not make their search algorithm clear. Fiverr are probably the same.

Certain people claim they know but their claims are always clearly aimed at luring people to some other purpose - commonly exactly the opposite of what Google does say about their methods.

What Google constantly say is that if your material is a good answer for the query, it will likely be served fairly high as an answer. They also say that obvious attempts to spam/scam their efforts at achieving this ‘naturally’ will decrease the value of the answer in their results.

That being the case, it would seem simply common sense to focus on what you do and not what someone else does (or more likely doesn’t do). When setting up a Gig, think only on what likely terms the right buyer for you (and that is not everyone 8-80) is likely to type in. Be sure that this is matched by the content of the Gig and that all the content focuses on being the solution to the buyer’s problem

If you focus on buyers who have the problem of not enough pictures of decapitated butterflies in their (twisted) lives, you would not run about finding the most popular keywords for logo creation as they are not only irrelevant to your buyer but a hard thing seeing every other idiot in creation has put Logo in their keywords trying to be everything to everyone.

Your lovely lovers of decapitated butterflies are not interested in being like everyone else. They want someone who understands them and their needs. They want to see that in action so a Gig that shows beautiful (in their minds) butterfly art that is unique (not made by an online service from clipart) from a person who feels real and dedicated to their craft.

This not only answers the needs of the buyer - who can then ask if you do logos, business cards, wedding stationery, t-shirts, decals for their car - but Google notices the specificity of the info on that page and sees it as a great answer for butterfly related questions, esp when decapitation + butterfly are in the same search.

If your page on butterflies sans heads gains inbound links from similar sites then Google will realize that you are a nexus of nastiness and your value rises. If you try to spam those inbound links then your value falls.

This is how these things work.

We do know that Fiverr rotates their results so people who have been on top for a while drop to allow other people to be seen. Annoying if you are on-top but this process let you be on-top so unfair to scream when it does the same thing. besides, given time, you will get another turn.

Sporking the process in any way will probably only make the process see you as less valuable seeing you are saying that your attention is on playing games rather than solving specific personal needs.



The real trick is to deliver high quality service and build a loyal base of frequently returning customers.

Even when the Fiverr Algorithm decides to go randomly reduce the impressions of my top selling gig by 50k from one week to the next I will still get orders from my loyal and returning customers.

I have multiple customers that has placed over 50 orders each with me and continue to return every week or month. At this point I don’t really need the Fiverr Algorithm any longer (although new customers are always welcome).


Exactly: You built success out of something people want by doing what you can control (and leaving what you can’t alone).


Thanks a lot for the valuable information.