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Fiverr myths debunked

This topic is aimed to be useful to both new and old Fiverr users alike. It is to show what we know as fact about the Fiverr system and to debunk the myths that so commonly are repeated across the Forums. Please link to this topic in cases of misinformation and add comments with suggestions (and some proof) to add to it.

  • Is my gig ranked?
    In SEO terms, yes. When a user searches for a gig SEO is used, see: . But, other algorithms may be used alongside this, SEO may not be to only influencing factor in the search results.

  • My gig is not on the first page of my category anymore, has my rank dropped?
    If you are just browsing a category, not using the search function, your gig may be being rotated. This happens to allow all sellers, new and old, a chance to have exposure on the Fiverr website. Your gig does not have a “position” and depending on algorithms will be visible in different positions for each user.

  • Can I create two accounts on Fiverr/Can I order from myself/Can I message myself?
    No. It clearly states in the Fiverr TOS that you cannot have two accounts and any attempt to abuse the system and create either fake reviews or improving your own stats is not permitted. This is common sense. " Multiple Accounts - To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled."

Please contribute and add more where possible to keep this topic relevant.


I am a new seller here and I have to thank you for these tips. Hope someone adds more to these as well


You can find plenty of tips by reading the Fiverr forum.


thanks a lot for your tips

Share all your gigs on social media!
It’s pointless unless you have a following or know what you’re doing. If you are following forum tips, you don’t know what you’re doing.

Offer unlimited revisions!
Always a bad idea. Always. Don’t do it. Ever.

Send 10 buyer request daily!
Bid on the buyer requests you think are a good deal and you’re qualified for. I highly doubt there are even 10 of those per day.

Don’t change your gig, it will drop from search!
Nobody knows how the algorithm works. It’s always best long term to have a better gig, even if changing it changes its place temporarily.

Offer money back guarantee!
Great tip if you want to give any buyer the possibility to get the work done and then get a refund for any reason. Terrible tip if you actually want to make money from your work.


These are great tips. But I wouldn’t call any of these myths, just good advice. I will add the last point you make though.

They are all myths imo - sharing your gig on social media works, offering unlimited revisions is needed when you’re starting, sending as many buyer requests as you can is a good business move, etc.

Hmm, after looking them over again, perhaps they fall into the myth category, but regardless my OP is now locked and i can’t add to it anymore :man_shrugging:

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