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Fiverr need to accept 10 bids on each Indentured labor posts!

Fiverr need to make a rule that only on one buyer request 10 sellers can only bid, after biding 10 seller, fiverr need to hide that buyer request, so it will be better for both sellers and buyer because seller will not waste their request value and buyer can pick any seller easily from out of 10.

If you are agree comment !


This sounds exclusively like you’re upset that buyers aren’t choosing your responses to their request.

This is a terrible idea. Let’s turn the tables.

Imagine that you have the single best offer possible for the job, and you would be chosen with 100% certainty the instant you send your request. But, because ten people hastily wrote ‘Pick me I’m great.’ before you, you don’t even get considered.

Instead of coming up with new, contrived rules to increase your chances of landing buyer requests, explain to the prospective buyer why you are the best choice and what value your offer brings. You’re in a heavily-saturated niche, so be prepared for stiff competition.


this is a good idea…

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Yes it is great suggestion. I strongly agree

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Sellers provided with 10 offers and it is the seller responsibility to make an offer wisely. Some who wise enough to bid will think that every offer that is made is a worth to try, not a waste.

This is irrational. If i were a buyer, i will choose to vet 100 sellers with 1 reliable seller among them, instead of 10 sellers which is just not reliable enough. My project is more important so i will spend a little bit more time to find the perfect one. I don’t want someone make a mess on my project.

It seems obvious that you are a seller. You should get used to this oversaturated market and think about reasonable strategy to elevate your chance to get orders.


This is not a bug so please change category to Fiverr site suggestions.

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This is why this is not a good idea.

Taken from a Buyer’s post here


you need to hire some new seller because they have also the right to get chance, and I’m pretty sure that they will do perfect what you need, good luck!

The bids that buyer got did not exactly sound like bids from experienced sellers though.


DELETED - Missed Joke

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They do copy and paste and edit little bit :frowning:

You say all right… You are very know this idea

Except the OP, that took the line literally and changed the title to

Fiverr need to accept 10 bids on each indentured labor posts!

Now it is something that Monty Python would be proud of.


Terrible idea. Buyer would get only “I best, order plz” offers.

You can send up to 10 offers every day. Choose requests wisely (that is, only the ones you can fulfill well), and send well-written offers that will convince the buyer that you’re the best one for the job.

Buyers have the right to hire whoever they want to hire. As a seller, you have the same chance as everyone else.

By the way, in your business card gig, you’re using templates as pictures. Have you bought the rights to use those templates? If you have, you might want to mention that in your gig description, otherwise buyers might think that they’d get stolen goods from you; even better, use only the pictures of the business cards you’ve designed from scratch, and show the buyers what a great service they’d get from you.


Oh gosh , I was just kidding…for the luv of G-d change it back


Thank you for free advice!

Yes, only if you were the buyer. Unfortunately, it is the buyer who will assess if the seller will do the job perfectly, not the seller.

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You’re welcome!

I see that one of your business card gigs is gone. Have you deleted it, or did Fiverr remove it?