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Fiverr Needs a Better Beta Test System

While I understand there will always be people who do not like changes/updates to the site (I’m one of them lmao), I feel like Fiverr is really going about beta testing all wrong. They do these batch rollouts without really taking into consideration feedback from sellers and then usually implementing them long-term.

Creating a beta-test group that people can opt-in to (like MOST sites) would give you a pool of users eager to try new things and also provide regular feedback as to how it’s functioning, how it integrates into a seller’s workflow, what can be improved, etc. That main thing here is that they receive the constructive feddback needed in order to fine-tune new features instead of what feels like “guessing”.

I’m also sure they receive a huge influx of emails when new features are release, but it’s probably just mostly complaining without much tangible feedback. I know I’m guilty of this. I presume it becomes a lot of noise to sift through which takes up so much time.

But with a beta test group, I feel that features would be more well-received and wouldn’t be subject to continuous real-time changes because it would be (for the most part) 100% ready for launch.


I think, there is many insider sellers, who do suggest that feature for implement!! not sure
But who do listen the seller voice here :smile:

Indeed. Most sites have an option to change back to old layout if they make big changes, so everyone is comfortable using the site. Like reddit too was changed, and they offer the old layout as an option, which I keep using. Not sure why Fiverr isn’t offering such a thing, it’s a very big site too with tons of users.