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Fiverr Needs ID Verification

I look at peoples’ “pictures of themselves” and many are highly suspicious. We need more than just ‘their word for it’, for who they pretend to be. I want to be able to trust that this person is not only in the country they say they are, but also that who I am talking to is really that person.

Like Upwork, Fiverr needs photo verification, using a passport, driver’s ID, or other valid forms of ID.

If we prefer to only work with people from certain countries, we should be assured that they are truly from or in those countries.


If someone can do the work, the country they’re from shouldn’t hold them back.


The problem is we live in a world where we judge purely on image, when in reality we should give people a chance to show what they can do. Besides too much data harvesting going on online now.


You are aware that people can move throughout their lifetimes, so their country may not match their nationality? What does it matter where anybody comes from so long as they do a good job?


Borders are just made up lines… I would advise you to look past them :wink:


They now verify the country someone is in by phone.

If you want to only use US sellers, sellers can still be from any country, of any skin color or religious persuasion, and the same for European countries. I do understand your concern. We want to know who we are dealing with.

Yeah . It s Good & Great Idea. :wink::wink:

I wouldn’t have a problem doing this IF it’s mandatory, most sites require this info (i.e. Paypal).

The beauty of this planet we call “earth” is… The ability to interact with people from all walks of life.
I enjoy collaborating/hiring people from different countries, the locale is not a factor for me.


Hmm. I’m pretty sure I had to verify my ID once a few years ago :thinking:


Forum rules - from here:

> Posts that have content or links that put individual regions or sellers from specific regions in a negative light may be pulled for review, edited or removed. Be careful if making any post that may make users uncomfortable due the mention of specific cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/regions or ethnic groups. Due to potential negative repercussions by or for buyers and sellers, the moderation team is taking a more cautious approach to posts with content related to any individual country/region or sellers from any specific country/region.


This post in itself sounds more like it is coming from a "Racist’s " point of view (Pardon me if I am wrong). As for me, I don’t care who does whatever I need to do for me on fiverr. All I care about is professionalism, diligence and honesty.

Anybody can work for me so far such a person is a fellow human like me.


Completely agree with you. But it also works the other way around: if people lie about their location, or about the way they look, it feels that they have something to hide ie that they are not honest.

How does how somebody looks affect their ability to complete a gig?

I look like the back end of a bus, but I can still do stuff. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


why would they lie about it?

Privacy - pure and simple.

I’ve taught tens of thousands of students over the years - I’m sure they’d find it a great sport to find me on here and have a bit of fun - not happening.

And privacy of course.

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I mean i don’t care if your avatar is a logo or the picture of a motorbike (as long as you made it yourself) but don’t put a picture of some model from the internet to make you look more ‘professional/attractive’ or something like that.

I don’t care if you have a face for radio as long as you can do the work of course :slight_smile:

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Now that’s a completely different kettle of fish. :slightly_smiling_face:

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