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Fiverr Needs Improvement (from a Buyer)

Fiverr needs to make some improvements, when buyers order multiple gigs from one listing. I recently ordered a gig, with a quantity of 4, and accidentally marked it complete after I received the first one. So now, technically, the seller could never deliver the other 3, and there would be nothing I could do about it! (I am a repeat buyer, and he seems to be a great seller, so I don’t think he would do that, but other sellers might not be honest.) So Fiverr needs a better system, so that the gigs are separated, and marking the first one complete, doesn’t close the whole order.

Interesting. On my gigs, multiple is just a longer video, so splitting them would not make sense. I see how it could work for say logos.

I wouldn’t mind seeing options for sellers to choose regarding multiples. For my writing gig, I ask buyer to use packages or extras to get additional words instead of ordering multiples and I think that is safer for them and for me. I would love to just turn off the option for multiples on that gig, and that way I would also avoid someone trying to order a large number of articles to be completed in a shorter period.

I have a gig for research and people finding where multiples work OK and I might leave it on if I could for that gig, but would be glad to see the OP’s idea implemented for that type of thing.