Fiverr needs to add Accept/Refuse Order request


Hi guys,

I had that problem too much, customers make order without even contacting you and avoid reading Gig description some of them give me priceless tasks and others give me request not doable at all, like i said when i contacted the customer support: Fiverr is Services Marketplace not products like Amazon or Aliexpress i don’t have same thing to sell, sellers the only who lost the rate.



I don’t completely agree with this, as it would significantly decrease your orders if buyers had to wait a while potentially just to order every time, and they’d probably just order from someone else.

However, I do think it should be an option that you have to contact the seller beforehand (not just mentioned in the description, but an actual feature), for those types of gigs.


Where’s wrong if he waited the seller response?? when someone message he will wait also ? and how does it decrease your orders this all happen in back end there’s nothing wrong at all in my opinion


Sincerely, it’s important for Fiverr to add that feature.I just canceled an order - buyer demands a service that was just impossible for me to handle.