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Fiverr Needs to Adjust Modification Deadlines


Clients don’t always respond when you ask for final approval before shipping a finished product. That’s fine; I understand not everybody checks the internet every day and there could be many reasons why they were unable to respond. However, when a client requests a modification 3 days after the order deadline, Fiverr automatically penalizes me for this by calling it a late order. This is in no way my fault, especially if I sent requests for approval well before the initial deadline ever expired. This system really needs to change. Even if the deadline were to reset for 12-24 hrs after the modification was requested, I think this would go a long way toward fixing the problem.


Fiverr only penalizes you when an order is cancelled do to lateness, or when you get a bad review. Of course, if you’re expected to deliver in 3 days for example, what I do is deliver in 2 days, 24-hours is enough time for responsible buyers to review and/or demand modifications. The clock also stops when modifications are demanded, so you’re most likely safe.

" I understand not everybody checks the internet every day"

That’s not an excuse in the 21st century. Even when I had an offline job, I would check Fiverr in the morning, then at noon, then one hour after my boss left, then at home. I also get Fiverr notifications on my phone.

If I deliver to a buyer on time and he comes back 2 weeks later with complaints, I don’t take him seriously. I might make a revision to avoid getting a bad review, in extreme cases I might even refund the order even though I’ve already been paid, but I am certainly not happy. That is a buyer that does not respect you.

The other excuse I hear is, “I was traveling.” Really? Where you in Space or perhaps in some underground tunnel? Cruises have Internet, airplanes are beginning to offer Internet, airports, hotels, have internet, there are internet cafes, McDonalds have wifi. In fact, there was a time I was taking my laptop to McDonalds to do Fiverr orders (didn’t have internet at home for a while).


Fiverr is used by a lot of members. And if you are not organized and devoted, you will hardly stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

That is why you must connect to the Internet and see the possible modification issues. Definitely agree with fastcopywriter. Downloading the Fiverr app is the best thing to do with this issue. All of us have it on our phones, and we are constantly checking each notification. Plus - it helps with increasing your response rate, which is also very valuable.

If a person contacts you, he/she most likely is looking for a quick answer. And if you are online via your phone, you may be contacted more often and you will be surely considered as reliable and on-time with your answers. This also helps in reputation!

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You totally missed my point. I delivered the order a day or so before the deadline asking for any potential changes. The buyer did not respond with modifications until 3 days after the initial deadline had passed, causing the order to automatically be tagged late. This was something completely out of my control. I was pointing out that the buyer may have been unavoidably detained - I’m not holding it against him. It’s Fiverr’s problem.

Apparently I didn’t make myself clear enough in the initial post.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: So there’s not a penalty to my account unless the late order is cancelled? That’s good to know. Thanks for the info.


Reply to @kauldwin: You’re welcomed. :slight_smile: