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Fiverr needs to allow new buyers to ask questions to previous buyers

I am looking into a gig that promises long term gains. I am confident the seller who is (Pro verified by the way) will be able to deliver on their gig and complete the order, but I have no idea if it’ll last and actually generate what it is promised to generate.

I understand a lot depends on what I, the buyer do with my product after receiving it, but my doubts are for if I did what I was supposed to and the product still didn’t deliver like promised…

FIVERR needs to allow new buyers to post a question that gets emailed to previous buyers and allows them to answer (even anonymously) about their experience after a while… if they choose to respond. kinda like what Amazon does for it’s products. you get to ask questions that previous customers are able to answer if they want to.

It would make my life a little easier now, assuming someone decides to answer :slight_smile:


With all due respect, I disagree.

Would you do the same with former employees/employers to find out their thoughts?

I think where some people get confused (not saying you are) about the gig economy is that it is not designed specifically for long-term commitments.

It is meant in much the same way as “temp services” were in the 60s and 70s.

Aside from my opinion on the matter, I hope you find what you are looking for.


Fiverr sellers are supposed to only make promises based on what they can deliver within the gig delivery time. If I promise to write an article then it needs to be delivered in the time frame. If I also promise that it will get 10,000 reads when it is published then my gig delivery time should include the time it will take to get that number of reads.

I’ve noticed this type of thing offered by some sellers and cannot understand how it is allowed. I know gigs doing this used to be removed, in particular SEO gigs where the seller was promising amazing results down the line but the buyer having zero comeback if it never happened.


Absolutely 100% no way from me. Why do I want even more unnecessary communication from total strangers in my life? I don’t. The way a seller writes in their profile and in their gigs, their portfolio of work and the feedback they’ve received should be enough to base a buying decision on.


It happened to me that someone messaged me to ask about a gig I bought and left a review for. Since I’m a seller too/mainly, they were able to simply message me directly.
I didn’t like it a bit.
Anything I had to say, I had said in my review.

I understand that some people would love to ask previous buyers of a gig they might want to buy, but I think that probably the vast majority of buyers wants to be left alone, they have other things to do, and if they already take the time to write a review, even sometimes a detailed review, that’s great, and helpful, and all one really can expect.

I doubt that Fiverr wants to annoy the part of the buyers who would be annoyed with more messages regarding their experience, after already prompting them to leave a public and a private review (even several times, at least as far as I’ve read, I’ve left reviews right after receiving my deliveries in all cases, I think, thus fulfilling my “help the community by leaving a review” part, as far as I am concerned, so I never got more than one prompt).

For my part, I wouldn’t like it, and I’m just a rare buyer, so I can only imagine that people who buy often would like it even much less, but who knows.

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While I understand how it seems to benefit you personally (OP), it is not a good thing. Chances are that you would not appreciate people appearing to ask you about a thing you purchased some time ago.

Take great care with anyone offering long-term promises, esp if anything to do with traffic to websites etc. no one can promise these things but it is easy to do - make grand buy unbackable promises but really hard to do. Only Organic traffic grows a business. Organic traffic cannot be purchased without a serious marketing campaign where the whole business is involved, and even changes focus. That is not $20.

If it is a health claim or results of love spells etc. just give it a go or completely bypass it.

If this is a remotely established product of service (and I am yet to see anything on Fiverr that is not) you can Google for general information and counter-arguments.

Research is always best when it is on you and not crowdsourced.


Thanks for your opinion.
Maybe you are right, I viewed fiverr as a place where you can get almost any job that can be outsourced, even keeping someone on a retainer sometimes to get a specific job outsourced all the time.

I can find a seller for my needs on fiverr and read their profile, read customers’ reviews that might be real or not, and then order the job. Let’s say the job in this instant is an eCommerce store that stops working 2 weeks down the line because it’s full with bugs.

I saw their previous work and it looked nice, reviews also all mention how nice the seller is and answers all your questions with understanding… but then my product stops working!

I guess I am trying to find the right way to choose the right seller :slight_smile:

I contacted Fiverr support and their response was that I should not “complete” the order until I see results.

Which to me doesn’t make sense, because in some cases like SEOs, my understanding is that it can take up to 3 months to start showing results!!


@english_voice @miiila
Thank you. I didn’t think of it as communication from total stranger but I see your point.
To me it was more an email that gets sent to your mailbox (that you can choose to opt out from receiving such emails) and you can choose to answer it or not. 1 way communication for you to answer a question.
in 90% of the gigs, the portfolio and feedback should be enough but in other rare cases it might not be enough.

Like on Amazon, I depend on the answers posted about products. not only the reviews, answers to questions that might’ve taken a while to show… I also enjoy answering some of these when I get the email for them… that’s why I guess I thought it was just an easy solution to be applied to Fiverr.

I understand nobody liked the idea though lol

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That’s the thing - a gig should be sold on what it delivers, not what it promises.
When hiring an SEO person, it’s important to understand what they are doing and why rather than ordering in the hope of maybe getting page 1 rankings in 6 months. Obviously that is the ultimate goal but no honest SEO can promise specific results given that there is so much that is not in their control.


Thank you so much! you actually said to me what I needed to hear. I guess I wanted to believe big promises even when deep inside I dont. I wanted to be able to reach out and get real answers from real people… but even what you told me now is good enough! thank you :slight_smile:

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