Fiverr needs to change policies to make it more secure for sellers


Hi, i mentioned this issue few days ago on this post:

Guess what happened?

that same buyer scammed and got refund for everything after i delivered the work done.

and you know what is more surprising? fiverr support team cancelled and refunded the two gigs which i delivered 3-4 months ago and payment has been cleared since than.

that is just wow.!


How do you deal with the same scammer twice?


those orders were 3 months ago which went almost fine but she created issues in last order which we started atleast 1 month ago and i was forced by fiverr support to accept this order even when i was not ready and my account status was on vacation mode as mentioned in my previous post i was contact by fiverr support team that i should reply to buyer and send them a custom gig as they requested.


even i tried to cancel the order a multiple times but she never accepted the cancellation request and forced me to complete the work. and i contact fiverr support about this issue and they closed the ticket after 10 days of conversation with no solution at all, every time they had a different person to handle the ticket to whom i had to explain everything from start as they cant read our previous conversations…


just an update:

now i contacted fiverr support and gave them all proofs of all work and i just received this message from them

"Thank you for following up with us regarding this. Unfortunately the cancellations cannot be reversed and your account will not be compensated for the cancellations in question as we are unable to issue one. "


How did she force you?


I know i have experienced this issue multiple times.
so be careful next time and do proper deals