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Fiverr needs to change their policy about sellers


Hi, hope all are good,
I have noticed that, fiverr is mostly supporting their buyers not sellers, One thing I am going to suggest you that:
when a client ordered and order delivery days are 3, lets suppose, I work on it and send to client after 2 days and some hours, now the timer NOT STOPPED, its still running backend, if client is offline and then he came back after 1 day, its mean its buyer fault, and when he wants some changes, and send me revision, there is no time left, and it will marked as LATE, this is unjust for sellers, please FIVERR needs to stop timer when seller deliver the work, and if client sends revision, timer starts from where its was stopped. For example, If i send his work and remaining time is 1 day and 5 hours, TIMER should stop here. and if client came after one day, and ask to change, timer starts from 1 day and 5 hour,

I hope Fiverr team understand it, and fix immediately, Thank you



Yes, it’s absolutely right, the site should notice it.

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Yes i’m also agree with you. I hope CS will notice this one.

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Although the timer says ##LATE## in a rather intimidating way, if your initial delivery was done before the clock stopped, it isn’t actually late when it’s in revision, and you won’t be penalised.


Yes, I agree with you and fiverr should make a good decision.


As @merciavideo said clock stops after you deliver the order. It doesn’t matter how long revisions will take after that. If you already completed few orders you would see that if you delivered it on time for the first initial delivery it wouldn’t be reflected in your statistics.


Ok, then it is good. thank you,

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I think it may be best to deliver it before the time is run out on the order with a message to the buyer that you will continue to make revisions. Explain you had to deliver it since the time was up for the order.


I did that and got a warning from Fiverr.


For what? Was it complete? It should of course have all the things listed in the gig description if you do this.


My drawing I sent was still in a draft stage because the buyer did not get back to me with information I needed to complete. I sent a message with it to say that I would complete the drawing once they got back to me.

It was against the rules and I won’t be doing that again :frowning:


You should have asked for extension through the Resolution Center.