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Fiverr Needs To Check This Forum Out!


It seems a lot of sellers, quality and not quality, are spending time on the forum, writing their thoughts, ideas, and even site bugs and issues.

Sellers probably spend the most amount of time on the site, hence noticing what is going on with it.
Perhaps the fiverr team should go over the forum every once in a while to check out what the community is reporting wrong…

Just and idea…


Isn’t that exactly what they did when they introduced the new forum? They’ve fixed almost every issue we had with the old forum. We have a functional forum now. It has messaging, notifications, audio beeps, threaded comments, @ mentions.


Do you know @mjensen415
Fiverr is watching… :wink:
See yourself


We are watching the forum and welcoming any site related feedback with open arms.


The forum is perfect, I’m a big fan of it. I have a site related feedback for Fiverr. I had seen CS mention something to the effect of sellers being able to have paid featured listings/ advertising? As in, I could use my Fiverr revenues to buy a featured spot on Fiverr. Is that something we are going to see anytime soon. I’m waiting very eagerly for it.


This feature is currently in beta and is being tested. You can see this in action in many categories in Fiverr. For now they are randomly selecting the gigs from TRS. But it is said that they will release it to all the sellers soon. :wink:

More details Here :


Feel the same way…this might take some time to be rolled out for everyone though, maybe only for a select few…which kind of does notmake sense…because if the Ad`s work, then only that select few will be getting paid :persevere:



The silver lining is that those who do get more sales through advertising are also paying extra for it. It’s different from the ‘featured gig’ thingy where the sellers get free traffic without paying for it.

We still have the option to use third party advertising to send traffic to our sites. Facebook paid ads, Twitter, or BuySellAds. I’m waiting till I have a better portfolio of 50+ reviews before I start sending paid traffic to it. Or you can set up a single, custom tailored landing page with all of your gigs on it and divert traffic to it with the Buy Now button diverting to your Fiverr page. If you want one, for just 5$ I ca…ohh look, squirrel!


I believe they are doing that already ,the purpose of this foum is not only for us to interact and chat ,but also fiverr collects feedback and reports.


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That quote is just perfect.