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Fiverr needs to do something about buyer's request

I have been a seller on Fiverr for about 6 weeks now.
Even though the experience has been good so far (I achieved level one in 30 days, Yay!), there is a lot Fiverr can improve on.
The buyer’s request is a calamity! For every request I see from a genuine buyer, I would have gone through 5 posts from sellers asking to patronize their gig. This is disconcerting.
I have used the buyer’s request platform to get services in the past and I realized that it takes a while to get visibility. I am fine with the delay, however, I cannot wrap my head around the reason. Or why they cannot filter out the miscreants perpetrating this act.
I hope Fiverr looks into this.


Fiver give more better options to seller for introducing his package perfectly
And This Also help for buyer

fiverr make good changes in last 2 year


This has been complained about for years on the forum, but nothing has been done. I imagine it will still be the same in ten years. The big tempting “post a request” button will still be there when you log in, there will be no “post a gig” button to get confused sellers making gigs instead of thinking BR is the place you go to (many of the confused sellers don’t even have gigs, it’s clear that the design is flawed).

Really flawed. I think they enjoy the web traffic it brings (I dont know).
I hope the poll above does the trick this time.