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Fiverr *needs* to do something about these cold-contact sellers

I’ve already gotten three “cold contact” sellers wasting my time this week and I’m really sick of it - Fiverr doesn’t - at least as far as I can tell - give me the ability to block these idiots. I report them for spam, but there should be an auto-block that kicks in when they’re reported!

It’s especially galling when they slide into my inbox with horrific grammar, no grasp of verb tenses, and zero punctuation begging to have ME send them MY work. Uh…no dude. Not a snowball’s chance in hell. I prepare filet mignon for my clients - they’re going to notice if I lose my mind and start trying to serve up half-eaten McDonald’s burgers instead.


I had one I blocked yesterday. He wanted me to send some “samples” of horror stories I wrote to see if I’m a good fit for his “future Youtube horror channel”. I directed him to my books on Amazon but he said he didn’t have Kindle. Well, you don’t need that to read a part of my book on there! Too lazy to type and plagiarize I guess.


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

They must think we’re really dumb. I have Google alerts set to all my unsold work to protect it, but I need to copyscape my own friggin gig text at LEAST once a week because it gets stolen so often. I have no idea why Fiverr, worth hundreds of millions of dollars as a publicly-traded company, can’t bother to auto-run plagiarism checkers on text that goes live on this site! For my 20% I expect at least that - lord knows they aren’t spending it on much-needed customer service agents.

I mean, look at this sh*t @meldawn9 - TWO sellers on here just straight-up STEALING your main gig text. Where’s the protection? Where’s the accountability? You’re a level 2 seller so I KNOW you’re bringing in money for them - why aren’t they watching your back? We shouldn’t have to catch these scumbags red-handed and do all the reporting work ourselves!

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When I made the mistake of trying to find a logo through BR (… I know I know. I’ll never learn) I had maybe 5 people write to me in maybe… Half an hour or so?
What made me laugh was this one guy who ended up writing time again after I forgot to block him. He went all “so what do you want me to do?”
(I also got the most horrible piece of sample I have ever gotten for that ad but that’s not the point)
Even when I’m not buying my main gig gets me at least one or two of these sellers every couple weeks (but usually much more). I already have more than enough to write (ha! Lucky) but my passion for games always has me going all giddy when I see a message for that gig - and I swear 30% of the time it’s in vain. My favourite was the person who write to me going.

“Okay. Let’s do this.”
“Do what?”
“The project. You tell me the details and I give the price ok!”
(Not accurate: it was funnier but I’ve blocked and deleted since then)
I used to find this as an educational moment but I’m started to realise that they just write to everyone single person even if I block and report them so…

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Yep, it’s crazy but I doubt those plagiarizers get many orders from stealing my text. I mean, I think I had maybe 20 orders this year. Yay.

And it looks like those 2 plagiarizers are gone. Haven’t checked SEO Clerks because I’m not on there.

Sorry, mods. I don’t agree with protecting plagiarizers and I forget sometimes that the forums don’t allow us to call blatant theft out with usernames, even in screenshots directly taken from copyscape. I will try and keep it in mind in the future!


Please use the systems that are in place (Forum/Fiverr Mainsite flagging, support contact) when you see something is not “right”.

Why can't I get a job? - #19 by mjensen415 .

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Honestly though, from that post you linked?

…and our support staff have the means to investigate and contact the user.

They either genuinely do not or they have decided that theft isn’t worthy of their time and attention. Every week I copyscape my own work, and every week I see the same worthless thieves trying to pass off MY work as their own. I have reported them/flagged them to Fiverr ad nauseum and yet they still remain active users on the site, complete with stolen gigs for sale.

Fiverr is worth hundreds of millions of dollars - they just dropped eleven million dollars on a rambling one minute Superbowl ad, but I’m supposed to believe they’re unable to incorporate plagiarism checkers automatically against content that’s already on their own site? It just makes zero sense to me.


The ad was absolute crap. Millions into production expenses, zero into narrative. The brief must have consisted of the sentence “Make it look expensive”. A shame. I honestly don’t get it. Shooting themselves in the foot again and again. A huge opportunity wasted like this. Nobody will ever talk about this ad. Had they make it funny and engaging, it would be talked about for years, like past superbowl commercials that were actually good.

Also, Fiverr is worth hundreds of millions? Lmao, try again. Fiverr has a market cap of 10 billion at the moment.

Do you have a link to an article with their valuation? My info was probably older, I was looking for trustworthy sources at the time. I kept thinking it must be more than that but I couldn’t find a supporting link.

It’s publicly available. Just go to yahoo finance, or any other stock website. It has the market cap of every single publicly traded company.

9.8 Billion.

:sweat: I’m so bad at financial stuff. My portfolio is a mess of impulse buys and cryptokitties. Thank you for taking pity on my word-oriented self <3

I’ll go check it out, I appreciate the info!

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To give you some perspective, Fiverr’s market cap is bigger than Blackberry, Foot Locker, GameStop, AMC, Lemonade… and these are just stocks I actually own. A 10 B company is no joke (or at least it shouldn’t be).

I was late af to the dogecoin train but I grabbed some last night. I was too chickensh*t to jump on GME when one needed to - by the time I got the stones it was hovering around $300 and I would have been out a lot if I’d jumped in. I’ve got like 300+ cryptokitties that I’m hoping will be worth something in time, but Ether’s so high right now the gas required for a transaction is basically prohibitive for small stuff.

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Crypto is a hedge and should be treated as such. I have recurring orders to buy a certain amount periodically, regardless of price. But that should never be more than 5% or so of your portfolio, highly volatile and speculative.

Nothing beats cold hard stock.

You have a platform you’d recommend? You probably work with a brokerage over an app, right?

Revolut, since I’m in Europe. Americans have way more choices and advantages, like always. Which is also incredibly infuriating, but that’s that.

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It’s …uh…it’s really not worth it as a tradeoff at the moment. gestures broadly at her own country

Give us like…a couple of years to fix some stuff. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nah, when the average salary is like 30k a year, I’ll take any downside, thanks. Most of the problems Americans have is because they have no clue how to live, which is another matter. When you’re from a country where a doctor barely makes 20k a year, your perspective is different.