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Fiverr Needs to do Something About This

So as we are all aware, there has been a bit of a shake up of the cancellation system and whether mutual cancellations adversely affect Fiverr ratings or not is something on an enigma. Apparently if a mutual cancellation request is accepted by a buyer, it doesn’t. However, I think that we all suspect that it does really.

However, whether mutual cancellations count against sellers or not, something desperately needs to change. I have cancelled several orders this week, purely because buyers didn’t supply any details. With regard to one order, the buyer said that they would send their details soon but didn’t. After a reminder and no response, I then requested cancellation. Not receiving any response to this request, I then sent the buyer a message informing them that they would be very welcome to reorder but could they please accept cancellation in the meantime, or not doing so would adversely affect my sales and reputability.

Long story short, they didn’t cancel but did reorder and once again did so without supplying any details causing the exact same situation to repeat itself. In the end they then said that they were confused and left it at that.

I’ve then had a client who I actually lost it with a little, as after informing them prior to ordering in regard to what details I needed to start work (and them also being notified of what details I needed when they ordered) they still didn’t supply any and again forced me to cancel. And the list goes on…

Now my problem is that this doesn’t happen off Fiverr. Many of the buyers here are simply challenged. However, whatever the reason for this, it is both unfair and illogical for sellers to be punished for such behaviour.

In cases where buyers don’t supply any order details, sellers should therefore have the option to pause or put an order under review for a week. A simple message from Fiverr informing buyers that their order will then remain paused until they do supply the necessary details would then (hopefully) stop such cancellations adversely impacting sellers and help sellers retain potential new revenues.

Alternatively, sellers should be allowed 5 mutual cancellations (or a similar number) which can be still considered ‘mutual’ whether buyers accept or not. Also, a reminder to buyers after ordering asking them if they have provided all necessary details might also help.

In the meantime, I am starting to feel exhausted by the present situation. Often the buyers who don’t supply order details are the easiest confused and overall least communicative. In this case, how do you manage? And like me, are you also seeing more buyers than ever requesting modifications for orders which go way beyond the scope of the original order?

I had a situation where the buyer did not give the needed information and had a mutual cancellation. So I told customer support about it and said I didn’t want it to affect my gigs.
I was told that mutual cancellations do not affect anything and they just changed the mutual resolution page. So this would mean the mutual resolution page is wrong.

I agree with all this, but Fiverr isn’t going to listen. There’s clearly some tinkering going about with the whole cancellation page (that CS doesn’t seem to have been updated on, which would explain the conflicting messages) so maybe this is a work in progress?

My solution is to simply deliver whatever my gig promises based on their very, very limited information. The thing about that kind of buyer is that they’re either so disengaged that they won’t even leave a review, or they go 0-100mph from sane to raging asshat, which, of course, leads to review deletions. It’s surprisingly rare that they leave (e.g.) a 3.5 star review. It’s not exactly professional, I suppose, but you can’t really win with this kind of buyer, can you?

CS knows about the page change and probably is getting lots of tickets about it like the one I submitted. Whether there has been a real change in policy, or CS tells us there has been no change for whatever reason, or they are simply not aware of the policy change is anyone’s guess although I don’t see how they could not know about it.

My feeling is that mutual cancellations have always had an affect if there are a lot of them.

Solution: We have to complete Each and every order that we get with the little instructions that we have.

Would we then not have the problem of the buyer not getting what they paid for, even though they hadn’t sent the necessary information? Then they could cancel as they hadn’t received what they’d paid for.

As a beta reader, this isn’t possible if they don’t send me the file of their work, which surprisingly has happened, and then I’m out most of my deadline to speed read a full length novel. Even though I have a Requirements stating I need the file before they start, I’ve had them just write something in the box but not what I need. Luckily, only twice but still, it was very inconvenient.

How about when they send it in .pages. LOL. One buyer shouted at me once for not using .pages.

Well, that’s all very well but MS Word is the international word processing tool of choice in business. At the very least send a PDF or .rtf file along with pages just to be thoughtful and considerate and get the product going. Maybe even check after you’ve uploaded to see if the file got through. All asking far too much of the sainted lazy/in a rush/considerably more important than you buyer, though…

Still though, that’s Apple users for you.

Well, since they didn’t ask for anything, they kinda /did/ get what they paid for, right?

Oh, I feel you. The old cancellations page at least used to give me the feeling that I’m somewhat able to pick clients. Now they added that whole “it may affect you negatively in so many ways, you know that, right” list below and that took away my sense of false empowerment completely. :slight_smile:

I usually have 1 cancellation each 3 weeks or so, but this particular week’s been nuts. I had/have pending 4, all of them for the same reasons: buyer not submitting enough information/being unresponsive until the timer ran out after that or buyer getting the basic gig, but demanding the pro delivery (on one occasion, with threats).

Aside from the obvious “nobody reads the gig description” problem, I don’t think buyers get the concept of a timer and late deliveries (I’ve had people ordering extra fast deliveries and then going “But you can take a week if you want!”). And spelling it out for them in ALL CALS doesn’t help.

I cannot do my job without cancellations that are mutual. People are confused, need educating about what I do, or simply do not respond to my questions which are important.

With Fiverr the only thing that seems certain is whatever makes them money, no matter if it hurts members, they will do it and ask questions later. Sellers have won very few battles when it comes to Fiverr input. The mutual cancellation was one battle that gave Sellers some hope in dealing with buyers who order indiscriminately without regard to gig requirements or following gig instructions. It feels to me, we are going backwards.

Will Fiverr listen…I doubt it.

I had to cancel an order today. One of the classics: wrong gig ordered (they had ordered correctly before–I think they just wanted my “old prices”), wrong file format sent (I had, in the original order, asked them to use only xyz formats in future) and unresponsive. Yay Jackpot of FFS!

So I sent them a custom order to jack up the price to what it would be had they ordered correctly and again noted the file format (it’s something I can fix, but c’mon–after I’ve already politely reminded ya?). After no response, it was getting close to the deadline, so I started a dispute noting that this was the wrong gig and please to extend the time by x.

Still no response, and it went late today. I contacted CS and asked what would happen if I simply waited, and what my options were.

  1. waiting: you can get an “order canceled! Seller failed to etc on time!” bad review despite having done everything reasonably according to the system

Fiverr CS obviously knows this is an issue, and if you have reasonably done everything to show that you’ve been in touch and used all the tools at your disposal–as I did, there’s

  1. write a message to the seller asking them to reorder, and CS will cancel the order for you (“without affecting your ratio”).

I mean, I could have just done the work and sent it–it wasn’t a tough job–but I’ve already told this seller not to send me .pages files, and the fact they went for what is now my lowest basic price gig and then goes unresponsive? Nope, not going to reward that behavior.

Anyway, this seems to be the best approach to unresponsive/annoying buyers for the moment.

I asked a buyer to mutually cancel and he just wrote “accept” without clicking the accept button so I had to get CS to cancel it.

I do see that mutual cancellations affect my number of sales but it can’t be helped.

That resolution system is a COMPLETE mess. I had a buyer who was asking me to do something that I did not even offer so I did a mutual cancellation and what happened? I got an EXTENDED DELIVERY and they started going off on me for no reason. I just want a simple Mutual Cancellation button - that is all.

i dont know about that… ever had a buyer that makes vague revisions? instructs with small detail then cancels it even when you are 100% complete…:frowning:

Not being able to cancel a job from my end (without having to provide a reason as to why) is akin to modern day slavery.

“Do this job whether you like it or not, and only I can tell you no and accept the refund.”

Sorry, that’s slavery. Global. Slavery.

It’s the most annoying part of Fiverr and the one I rage about internally on a daily basis. You shouldn’t force me to do a job I don’t want to do, nor should you force me to explain why I don’t want to do it.

Stop the slavery. Stop the cancellation system being one sided.

(Slavery added for dramatic effect, but the point still stands.)

Looking at it from Fiverr’s point, they do have a kind of promise that it’s like Amazon, in that you can look at the offerings, order one then it will come. So giving sellers the ability to cancel any order they don’t like (for whatever reason) isn’t great. That’s further complicated by the “no refund, only credit” policy.

Just another fine old mess, really! I cancelled a $75 order today because although I could do the work, the buyer was coughing up red flags left, right and center (bad previous experience, putting pressure on me not to be a bad new experience, messaging me at the weekend to express hope that I wouldn’t let him down and deliver the work on time…).

He accepted, so it was fine. I’m sure he’s further disappointed with Fiverr now, but… well, at least he described the work as “kooky” so I was able to pretend that it was way too kooky for me. Yeah–the buyer was making me kooky, not the work. Think about that, buyers. Your attitude affects the outcome as much as anything else.

Maybe Fiverr should make all new signups watch a training video. A mandatory, can’t escape, training video.

I see your point of view, but personal services aren’t a product like you’d buy on Amazon. In essence, you’re not buying a hand-made craft from me; you’re purchasing my time and effort. I sure as hell don’t want to give everyone my time and effort because A) I don’t want to help everyone blindly and B) I have my own obligations to attend to.

People think that by hiring someone to do something, delivery times be damned, that their content comes out of a machine like a printer. That’s simply not how Fiverr (or the world) works, yet we as a society treat people like throw-away toilet paper; a view magnified here sometimes.

Even I receive scripts in .pages! Instead of asking for MS Word file…I google “Pages to Docx” and covert the script. Much better way compared to tech conversation with someone who asks for video in PDF format :slight_smile: