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Fiverr needs to have an explainer video on the front page


I don’t know about you but my average amount of messges per sale with new clients is about 16-20. I hate explaining how to order. But this site has so much traffic I would assume 70% of my clients are new to the site so if I dont explain I dont make money. Please make it simpler for us.


When I first started out, I thought buyers were just being lazy, but the longer I’ve been here, the more obvious it is that this website needs a tutorial! Even just something quick that points out the basics of how to purchase, how to find the extras (because apparently, they’re hard to find?), what delivery times mean, how to find your order once the seller has delivered, etc…sigh that would be great.


I have a little list of previously written posts that I have compiled. I “copy and paste” to save time.


I just politely thank them for their inquiry and then link them directly to Fiverr’s FAQ here:

… and I leave it at that.

Many do get back to me and thank me for the link which is nice, because that eliminates them being a difficult to work with. But if they don’t have the time to figure out things on their own it’s a big red flag they’re going to be a headache of a buyer.

From experience, these are the same types of users will place orders never reading gig descriptions or ask for work sellers doesn’t advertise or clearly states they don’t do.

I completely agree on the videos (maybe not on the front page but in the FAQ) and they have started making some videos on their YouTube page: