Fiverr needs to let sellers reject work due to incomplete buyer submissions


Fiverr really needs a “Buyer did not follow instructions” button that allows sellers to reject incomplete buyer submissions.

I saw another post about this the other day and cannot find it, so I apologize in advance for a “double post” of the same topic, however this is a very frustrating issue.

My most popular gig (cover letters) clearly states in my video, gig details and buyer instructions that in order for me to provide my high quality service, I need TWO things:

A current job listing

A current resume

Yet, every other one of my buyers has submitted only a resume and asks me to write them a “generic cover letter” which I do not provide. I then have to chase the buyer to follow my very clear instructions. Even worse, if I try to force cancellation I get a negative effect on my rating.

Do any other sellers here agree?


@aurorar - I definitely think the system shouldn’t always penalize the seller for a canceled order. It doesn’t make sense 100% of the time.

@aurorar - I’ve done fiverr enough to realize that some people don’t follow instructions on top of not knowing what they want. I have a gig due in 3 hours and I never got proper instructions. I am still going to deliver an audio file and tell them that we can revise it.

It puts me in a strange position though. They wanted it done in under 24 and then they don’t get back to me with the proper instructions. Or people also say “I need to cancel and reorder.” I’m just have them tell me what they need and try not to bother with the cancellations, as long as the job is made clear.

Still, I had my biggest customer not understand he ordered the wrong gig. He wound up paying me a good chunk of change and I didn’t mind that the job wasn’t exactly the gig. He was pleased with the work and I was stoked to have him paying me for it. Hour wise and wage wise it worked out to my benefit…

Anyways… :slight_smile:


Whilst it does seem handy, in some cases it could end up being abused. Mutual cancellations work well enough imo.


Reply to @ryangillam: Mutual cancellations work better than forced cancellations, but they still affect your levels. Which seems unfair because a lot of the time, it is the buyer’s mistake. But, I do agree… such an option could be abused.


It can be abused but so can lots of things. I think Fiverr needs to do more to protect its sellers imo.


Exactly. I got this issue so many times. After partial information provided by buyer they never reply my requests of providing full detail of submission. Finally I needed to cancel this deal. This major issue of insufficient details provided or partial detail provided by buyer after that they are disappearing and not replying any messages. Due these reasons, we need to click on cancel button for stopping delivery clock. I think fiverr needs to consider this issue to protect seller rights.


I see it as a work in progress that they’ll always be working to improve conditions for both buyers and sellers.


I know this is an old question but I absolutely agree with you. So fed up with buyers ordering a $30 gig and paying $5 then cancelling. I had 5 buyers do it to me in a week along with another buyer who ordered over 2 years ago (never finished the instructions even though I nudged him) and then canceled in the same week. My completion % dropped from 99% to 92%. I’m in the video category and I charge more than most sellers so this really hurt that percentage as I don’t have 40 $5 jobs to offset the cancellations.

As long as it doesn’t hurt my relationship with Fiverr as far as impressions and position I wouldn’t care, but there’s no hard and fast answer to whether or not it does or doesn’t.

I’d also like to have the ability to work with buyers who have a 4.5 star (90%) and above rating (should be a setting so that sellers get to select). We need to hold buyers just as accountable as sellers. I go above and beyond for my buyers as you can see in the reviews they leave me but when someone doesn’t watch my gig video or read my gig description and places a $5 order for something that costs $30 it really makes my blood boil. Especially when I do everything possible short of cutting my price to accommodate them and avoid the cancellation.

Buyers, please show a little professional courtesy and read gig descriptions, watch gig videos, ask a question if you’re unsure or just request a custom offer.

When I’m not sleeping in my bed I’m standing on my computer…willing to be my response rate is about 20 minutes and not the hour that it shows. :grinning:


I sounds good, but what about the buyers who haven’t purchased anything yet? Should the rule be above 4.5 or 0 reviews?
What happens if you’re a new buyer, you made a bad judgement call and ended up with a lousy seller? They wouldn’t qualify for your service anymore simply because they ended up with a bad seller. What I’m trying to say is that automatic filtering like that wouldn’t be a foolproof solution.

Although I would like to see an extra step in between where a seller can either accept or reject the order.

  • A buyer fills out all the requirements etc.
  • A seller gets a notification with all the info about the seller. So that you as a seller can check what they purchased before, order statuses, what kind of reviews they received, how did they fill out the requirements etc.

Once you have all this info in hand you can decide if you accept it or not. That way if you see that they have purchased video gigs before and cancelled all of them, then you have the option to reject.
Or if you see that they had one bad experience before, but most of their reviews are good then you can still accept their order.

However, I know Fiverr won’t do this because it would be revealing too much info about the buyers (money makers).


I’d also like to have the ability to work with buyers who have a 4.5 star (90%) and above rating (should be a setting so that sellers get to select).

I’d thought about that scenario you described. Maybe give them a certain number of gigs before that rule kicks into effect. Problem is…it’s experienced buyers that cause the most problems. Inexperienced buyers usually message me with questions (and I love them for it) before they order. This is usually not due to lack of knowledge but more a lack or courtesy with an extra heaping of lazyness! :slight_smile:

Bottom line, buyers need to be held accountable too.


I agree there needs to be a feature that pauses the timer if the Buyer has “provided the required information” but didn’t actually provide the information (ie. submitting whatever they feel like). There needs to be more control on the Sellers end in the order to gain the information––we want to complete orders.