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Fiverr needs to look into this

This morning, I received a message and it turned out to be spam. Immediately I receive SPAM messages, I send the message “SPAM” and I block the person. I receive a lot weekly. However, this one was very shocking (at least to me - I understand we all have different thresholds to qualify a shock).

It wasn’t the usual mek sel sellers trying to sell me a service I already provide or other sellers just simply trying to “market” their gigs (SPAM too). This was someone selling Fiverr accounts verified in the UK.

The user’s local time at the time of taking the screenshot was 1:47 am. I am in a time zone of GMT +1 (similar to the UK). This means we should have the same local time. But he/she is GMT -7.

This probably means Fiverr detects and updates the timezones according to the user’s IP, but keeps the country the user verified from the start (Using IP and Phone) <-------- Just a guess.

With this mismatch - they can find a way to fish out dishonest sellers but this should be done manually to avoid false positives (there are some genuine sellers that will travel to another country)

However, this is not even the scariest part. The part I labelled 3 is the scariest part. That is a serious threat.

Is there any protection for sellers? If we report this, will Fiverr erase this from our stats or history?

Will it affect our cancellation rate? Average reviews? etc

Personally, I think there should be a separate part of the customer service that focuses on these so we can get faster replies and it can be looked into on an individual basis.


Report it right away, with the screenshots, so Fiverr can ban this and hopefully all other accounts of that person at once, hopefully before they can order your gig or other people’s. Never let anyone blackmail you.

People can spoof their IP, those with more knowledge their MAC address too, but in such clear cases, I’d call it criminal activity actually, Fiverr can and probably will use a combination of checking IP, MAC, phone numbers, connected accounts, time, activity, patterns, etc. to find as many as possible accounts of that sort of people. With threats like that, they might even be able to get the person’s internet provider/police to look into it.

Also, if that person actually manages to make a “fake” order of your gig with another account before Fiverr can find and ban them all, just to give a negative review, you can send a follow-up to that ticket. I’m pretty sure that they’ll look into it in such a case. There have been cases where people got reviews removed, and if this wouldn’t qualify, then I don’t know what would.

Please report it, for yourself and all honest people on here.


Hi, Olly!

Oh my goodness, it’s terrible that you had to wake up to this foolishness.

Reading this really, really, like really pisses me off. :rage:

The million dollar question. Sellers should not and I repeat should not be penalized for this kinda B.S. I mean what gives? This user is clearly abusing the system and to have the audacity to say the following:

Note: If you complain me, I will order the gig and give negative review, I have more accounts.

Nah, that’s horse :poop:.

I would hope Fiverr CS take action swiftly and ensure that YOUR account and other Sellers accounts will not be affected by this rubbish. I encourage you to report this user Olly!

I agree :100:% things are getting out of hand, people are finding loopholes. They should have Staff patrolling//join these FB groups and other shady websites to try shut down as many as possible.

The rest of us should not be subject to these kinds of emails, surely Fiverr T & S should have a blocking mechanism in place; before it reaches our inbox.

Users are being threatened by cons/scammers, we didn’t sign up for this! :japanese_ogre:

:warning: What is Fiverr doing to combat the illegal sale of accounts?

:warning: What will Fiverr do to protect innocent TOS abiding Sellers?


I got accepted into what I thought was a legit Facebook group and turns out to have review exchanges and account sales. I wish I could get some of their Fiverr account names, screenshot it, and report them. :angry:


Yup! Same here, FB is a :poop: cesspool for selling & buying accounts/review exchange.

Reading through many posts about favoriting :hearts: gigs to increase traffic. Then about how to climb the lvls ladder to avoid SLD demotions with bogus tactics was just crazy. Sadly, people are getting away with it, sure some are caught red-handed but many are bragging about it. We shouldn’t have to join FB groups and report to Fiverr.

Fiverr should have a team in place to combat the issue. There are hundreds and hundreds of these shady groups, so it’s not going to be a walk in the park.


:open_mouth: !!! Report it, and report every subsequent negative review… That’s crazy.


Wow! This is absolutely crazy. I wouldn’t hesitate to report such a person, but I would dig in to “discover” how they open these multiple accounts and get away with it!

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Oh wow. Unbelievably shocking. Hope you have reported it by now. I hope Fiverr stands behind you and really helps you with this one on an ongoing basis. I haven’t gotten anything like that and I hope I never do.

Take care!


Thank you. I have reported the user and included a screenshot as evidence. I hope CS investigates it further and finds better ways to curb this sort of illegal activity. The hardworking sellers like us are on the receiving end of it.

They will need to do something to stop people like this from circumventing the system.

Thank you Nika, that was the first message I read and usually, I will brush it aside, but after a second thought, I realised it was a threat that could truly smear my profile/gigs.

Yes, people are finding various means of penetrating the system. I don’t know what Fiverr is doing but they need to do more.


Here is the reponse I got,

I hope something is really being done and it is not just a template.


I’d be a “squeaky wheel” and follow up a few times - just to make sure!

I’d also track the accounts he/she said were his/hers to see if they get banned…That will give you some idea of how seriously they took your complaint.

Thanks for the update, Olly. :slightly_smiling_face: But blocking the user doesn’t really stop him/her from purchasing a gig and that’s a concern of mine. I’ve talked about this in another thread.


image Oh my Olly!

These types of threats are not right! It makes me worried to open my mail!

Hopefully, it will all get worked out with no issues for your account. I wonder if/when Fiverr requires IDs if that will cut down on this type of shenanigans?


It’ll get rid of a lot of sellers, both genuine and not.


I will be happy to submit my ID!

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I’m afraid I won’t - I don’t have any apart from a National Insurance number stored in my head.

Oh yikes… can you get some?

I think it’s a GREAT idea! It’ll definitely cut down multiple, scam accounts!

Why should I? I’ve been selling on ebay for years without having to provide any documentation.

I worked for over 30 years being paid every month without having anything more than an NI number.

The UK doesn’t issue ID cards.


Oh! Well, I’m just thinking for the sake of staying on here, but I understand.

Is there no other form of ID they issue? I guess you’d need a passport or something…

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Probably fiverr, as any other company who ask ID number, will ask any official document which identify you as a real existing citizen of your country.

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