Fiverr needs to re-evaluate the seller's rating system


There’s definitely a flaw in this policy. We had a buyer who admittedly made a mistake, because he admittedly did not know what he was ordering. When we offered a mutual cancellation (for him to order again); he didn’t understand what a mutual cancellation was and hit deny. He then thought he would fix this by canceling the order.

All of the buyer’s actions caused us to have a lower percentage rating and a higher cancellation number.

He then asked what he can do to fix this (because of his mistakes) and Fiverr stated there’s nothing that can be done because he got his money back and the order was cancelled.

Fiverr then stated he could reorder but then stated that’s not going to fix the problem.

This rating system should be based on our performance not on buyer’s mistakes.

After this rating drop and higher cancellation number; we have not received one order. This is rather frustrating.

pridenation said: After this rating drop and higher cancellation number; we have not received one order. This is rather frustrating.
On most websites the "rating's system" works. Fiverr is notorious for things not working correctly. There is no need to worry that you haven't gotten orders since your ratings drop. Things do not work on Fiverr the way that makes sense. Every time you get a five star feedback or your rating goes up, do you get flooded with orders? Probably not.

Everyone's orders go up and down here! Top Rated Sellers, low quality new sellers, it doesn't matter; sales go up and down. The only sellers who have a chance at making consistent sales are the ones who spend time and effort to thoroughly market themselves off of Fiverr and drive their own traffic to their gigs. And even then there is no guarantee that 'glitches' (once a potential buyer is on the the site) will not cause problems.

Very few, if any, sellers can make a livable wage by only working through Fiverr. Your best chance at financial success is to use the Fiverr platform as an invoicing and payment system only, but otherwise operate your 'business' elsewhere.


Fastcopywriter, you are correct. “Cancellations due to lateness” affect your rating. 1.When buyers do not provide you with material and the clock runs out. 2. When buyer doesn’t read our gig terms “not to order rush service during the weekend” and the clock runs out. 3. When the buyer doesn’t have a clue how Fiverr works and the clock runs out. I can go on and on. This ALL affects the seller when the gig falls through.


“May or may not see” is not acceptable.

It’s happened to me too. The system need to be fixed to begin with. We don’t want the cancellation rate to go up and we certainly don’t want to buyer to see it at all until it’s fixed completely.


Only forced cancellations or cancellations due to lateness affect your rating. The others simply increase your cancellation rate, which buyers may or may not see, depending on the Fiverr template that day (it seems to vary).


I agree that the cancellation rate should not affect our status! It’s frustrating because I recently had a really good buyer who has sent me a lot of work so I want to keep working for him, but he didn’t quite understand the fiverr system and ordered a few gigs without sending me his document to edit. He then asked me how he should order for a certain word count, and I told him the best way is to just order the gig “times” the amount of words, so he cancelled all other orders and re-started with a new order. Sadly, this makes me look bad but I felt I had no choice but to mutually cancel his other $5 orders. I don’t want to make an issue of this with my clients, but it really bothers me that I then look bad on ratings. Ugh.


i have experienced the same with another buyer! After explaining everything from the right gig to pice and timeline, buyer placed the order on wrong gig for 1/6th of the price!! when asked to correct this, buyer wanted to cancel the order. customer support cancelled it affecting my ratings overall!!

I agree the system needs to be amended!!


it should simply be positive or negative, its nonsense how buyers are allowed to advance rate over $5, even delivering as described sometimes equates to the buyer rating 1 just to prove a point. im really upset fiverr rolled out this.


Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and say this three times, “It’s Fiverr.” There you go, do you feel better? You have people who are coming here with the mindset that they are going to scrape the bottom of the barrel until they get Madison Avenue level work for their five bucks, come hell or high water. You have to realize that’s not the sweetest cookie in the jar to begin with. It’s a wonder some of these buyers can turn on their computer, let alone order something online. So, step back, recalibrate your expectations, and play defense. Good luck!