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Fiverr needs to set a standard for sellers!

First for $15 I got a logo I could’ve made better myself using a the Paint program on my computer. Now I have an article I just paid $25 bucks for and the seller can’t even capitalize letters at the beginning of sentences. Sentences jumbled together in some sort of gibberish. I just don’t know man… Fiver needs to step up their standards for sellers. It’s crazy who they let sell on here. How do you sell gigs for writing articles without being competent enough to write one?! How are you able to sell gigs for doing Logo design with all these nice logos in your gig thumbnail and can’t even do a decent shadow effect or manipulate fonts. Fiverr this is crazy and what sucks even more is that a lot of people recommend fiverr to cut time on building websites. Obviously they haven’t used Fiverr in a long time.

If not satisfied you could give a request modification or ask for money back - im sure seller offered you that.

…and what you do? You give negative feedback to a seller who did his job + youre crying like a baby here.

I just hope to not meet buyers like yourself.

I agree that there are many sellers who display images taken from the web and offer writing gigs with no abilities. Fiverr makes mention in many places that the buyer should be cautious when choosing a seller. I don’t think it’s “crying” to be upset, but it is a learning opportunity. I got burned on one of my first purchases here too, but it was only $5 and I got an automated refund since the seller simply never delivered. Customer Support can work with you if the seller didn’t offer a revision or a refund, although it does depend on what the gig says since the seller is not responsible for taste. If they say you get 1080 resolution and they deliver much less - that’s refundable. If they say they will draw a dog and nothing more, they only owe you their interpretation of a canine.

With logos I find it very difficult to distinguish which are valid by looking at the samples since I can’t be sure where they came from. When I buy image work here myself, I buy from sellers with a large number of solid reviews from different buyers. Sometimes I get what I hoped for and sometimes I don’t, but they’ve tried their best and delivered reasonable work for the price I paid. If I were going to buy a writing gig (not copywriting, but articles or more) here, I would really engage the seller in a conversation in the inbox before buying. I would ask a few questions to establish that the seller can write in English well enough for my needs and understand my instructions.

I treat Fiverr like a big junk to antiques market. Sometimes I find a priceless gem being sold at a junk price, and sometimes I notice a shined up and glued together piece of junk being sold as a gem. I rarely spend more than $5-10 unless I’ve worked with the seller before, even if I have to pay $5 for sample work. In all, I’ve lost less than $25 on wasted orders that didn’t get refunded and I’ve paid a few hundred dollars for work that would have cost thousands elsewhere. I understand the theory about setting a standard, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Every freelance system online has cheaters who get past any standards. If you want to take a risk but be more cautious, I still think there is plenty of value to be had here.

Hey, you could have requested for a revision or more and it the outcome is not pleasing you could cancel the order. With that you will still have your bucks in your wallet.