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Fiverr needs to show all reviews on buyer profile like seller!

As Buyer’s are playing with seller’s review if they didn’t get what they want under their budget by posting negative reviews.

Even then we give them review about how they were but that will not showing on their profile while on our profile their reviews were clearly visible.

There’s some equality so even seller is got to know which is genuine buyer and which one is fake.

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Yea, that’s right. Sometimes, it happens that after completing a order and providing a 5-star review, the buyer may change the review into a negative one, just because you are not agreed to work with them again. It’s simple that if i find a buyer is more demanding than the price he is willing to pay, for the first time, i can complete the order. But, for sure, i won’t be interested to work with him again. And in this case, most often, the buyer changes the previously provided review into a bad one. But, our reviews about their attitude never get released before all the users on Fiverr. So, Fiverr should consider it and treat evenly in this case of displaying reviews.