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Fiverr needs to start charging to make a gig

This is my opinion you can agree or disagree but I think this would be beneficial to fiverr sellers.

I think fiverr needs to start charging to make a gig even a small fee like $5, your probably reading this and thinking you are crazy! No I’m not, here is the reasons I think that for each new gig you make you need to pay a fee. My reason for the fee is because the overcrowding of gigs are growing more and more and some of the gigs that are on fiverr are either duplicates or gigs that are not ones that seem that anyone would pay for. I think charging to make a gig would reduce the volume of gigs and show that these people are serious about the gigs they have made.

That’s not actually a bad idea. But maybe they can start by letting someone put up the first 2 gig for free. Because while I agree, it could prevent people form posting bogus gigs or 5 of the same gigs, you still have to have some way to tempt new buyers to try Fiverr to begin with.

I agree on the new account part, another thing I thought of if you reach higher levels lets say to 2 and Top your fees on a new gig would be less than a level 1.

They already take 20%… I’m confused.

Maybe you guys don’t see it the same way I do. Every time I see someone create a crappy gig offering a service that I do, I get excited.

You see, the value of my gig increases every time someone creates something worthless. You have to think of it from a buyer perspective. They know how hard it is to find decent quality on here, so when they do, they’re yours for life.

If you’re finding this competitive, than one of two things is happening.

  1. You haven’t established the credibility or reputation to demonstrate your value.
  2. What you’re offering isn’t unique, different, special, or for lack for a better word, valuable.

If you work hard and aren’t trying to create an ‘easy’ stream of income, you will succeed. The BIGGEST reason that is possible, is because of all of the other gigs that are created by people who DON’T work hard and ARE seeking the ‘easy’.

Please, let them create terrible gigs for free. Each time to do, my hard work becomes more valuable.

I disagree completely, how do I know what gig will be great and what gig will fail miserably? I don’t know that, nobody knows that. My pseudonym gig has gotten zero orders even though it’s the only gig with that keyword. My teespring gig got featured.

See? You don’t know what will work until you try. The overcrowding of gigs is no different than a city having 100 Mexican restaurants and one German restaurant. Some categories are more popular than others. Millions want to do book reviews because it’s easy. Writing a telemarketing script is hard, and requires brains, so some will do that, others won’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

Besides, Fiverr is a fair website, Fiverr only makes money when you make money.

thusie said: If you work hard and aren't trying to create an 'easy' stream of income, you will succeed. The BIGGEST reason that is possible, is because of all of the other gigs that are created by people who DON'T work hard and ARE seeking the 'easy'.

I agree with this, as much as I love money, you have to offer value for value. Nobody hires me because I love money, they hire me because I have a good reputation and there’s value in what I offer.

The people seeking the easy will either deliver crappy work or get cancellations for lateness. Fiverr requires passion, commitment, research, and patience.

I disagree. There are plenty of sites out there that charge up front, charge a monthly fee, or charge when you “bid” on a buyer request. Fiverr is different because you don’t owe them a dime unless you make a sale. While I do think the marketplace is overcrowded and I applaud your thoughts on ways to help, I don’t think charging an up-front fee will work.

Plenty of sellers will be glad to pay just to get listed on Fiverr even if they can’t do the work. It could easily drive away good sellers instead of helping them.

I don’t think the overcrowding is helped by those dumb Fiverr books that tell people to open like 10 accounts and max out the gigs allowed on each.

I complete disagree with this. Fiverr is not a small website and it will continue growing day by day but the gigs are on the top with professional work. Moreover, Fiverr is already charging 20% and there is not need of this.

I see your points, I just think fiverr could have a better structure. I always see complaints about people saying my gig is pages down until you reach my gig. I feel that there is many great gigs but they seem to get sucked into the fiverr black hole and buyers don’t even notice them because they are so far down. Many business owners want to find a gig that’s got great reviewes but they don’t want to be searching hours for one gig to get what they need done. You then could say will just advertise on social media, well many people are doing that already. Some have achieved clients this way and many have not.

I’m all for changing of gigs and improving, I have actually helped many new sellers with their gig ad picture. I also believe in optimizing your gig tags. It’s also in my conclusion that it does not mean because I’m at the top of the page that means I have a better gig. It’s all based on the fiverr system it’s based on tags and based on the clicks on your gig, the more clicks and views to your gig the increase your gig goes to the top. It’s just like google the better you have in keywords and the amount of people who stay on the site instead of leaving, which is called a bounce rate which can hurt your ranking on the search engine. Also with the added response rate this could also be tied into who’s top on fiverr.

That’s not the core of SEO these days.

Think of it this way, as a business Fiverr makes money by providing buyers with USEFUL services. It would hurt their business if they operated the way you are speaking.

They’re definitely smart enough to know this… Just like google when they changed the SEO structure.

Yea, but fiverr staff doesn’t control the gigs that come through each day they use an automated system. Thats why if you click on your gig it shows analytics of who has viewed your gigs by the number.

They do however control who is ranked higher. If it was actually operated like old school SEO, you would see the bad gigs up top.

I suggest taking a better look at what comes up when you search for a gig. It’s not new gigs stuffed with keywords and crappy offers. What appears are the most relevant, highest rated, frequently updated, and attractive gigs.

Analytics are primarily used to boost conversion and click through. They let us edit our gigs so we can find what works best. Analytics are not there “because Fiverr doesn’t control it…”

i disagree completely…because if fiverr do this then they will start losing their traffic… There are a lot of people who start selling with 0 balance in their accounts or most of them are poor…They join this site in order to make money but not to pay… Most of them join fiverr because they have talent but it is hard for them to find job or get food and clothes…
If that happens then this site will become useless for such needy people…

We shouldn’t only think for ourselves but for the others too…
Because we are humans and we are meant to care for each other… :slight_smile:

I hate the number of “useless” accounts/gigs on here simply because it clutters everything up. It clutters the forums, it clutters the buyer requests, it clutters the search results.

And it sours buyers who tried to work with enough of those accounts to get a bad taste that either causes them to associate that sketchiness with Fiverr or to be nasty to the next legitimate seller they come across purely out of frustration.

I still vote no to charging. I like that it’s free to sign up and create gigs. It’s often a given that you have to spend money to make money and depending on what industry you’re in as a freelancer, that’s truer for some than others.

I’m all for anything that allows you to make money without having to invest any of your own upfront (assuming you already have the internet and whatever else you need obviously) because it allows that many more people out there to have opportunities without having to worry about that extra buck or being deterred by risk.

It would be great to explore other ways of weeding out accounts that don’t benefit Fiverr as a whole. Charging just isn’t one of the ways I’d personally want them to try.

I think FIVERR needs to not charge for the gigs. If they did this, people might start leaving their service. I think that FIVERR should allow you to put a gig under more than one category. If you do this, then people will not have to create so many gigs and it will save the company space. It will also save the seller time in having to create gigs.

It’s not a bad idea. However, high quality sellers benefit from higher supply of poor-quality gigs

I think the first 3 should be free, but anything after that should have to be charged.

Reply to @chase183: If you think that the sellers got to the top of the list by sitting back and watching buyers roll in, you are mistaken.

If their gig is at the bottom, it’s strictly because they haven’t earned the right to be at the top.

I agree there are quality gigs hidden, but if a business owner REALLY wants quality, they won’t mind spending the time searching for it.

Remember, NO ONE gets to launch a gig and say “It’s better than the other, put it at the top”. It’s called social proof :slight_smile:

“Opportunity looks a lot like hard work. If you refuse to work hard, opportunity gives you the finger.” - Thusie

Chase, you have great reviews and have been a Fiverr family member for a long time now. I don’t for a second doubt that you put thought into this. If you’re having trouble generating more sales my best advice to you would be, “ALWAYS BE IMPROVING”.

As sellers on Fiverr get better, it gets harder to stand out. You MUST always stay ahead of the pack if you want to be great.

When you reach a certain level, work doesn’t become easier and income doesn’t become passive. You just find yourself doing different work and investing time in maintaining instead of building.


Reply to @thusie: Exactly the same way that i see it. if a buyer is serious about getting something of good quality he will not be interested in those unprofessional gigs, and i will have a good reason to increase my prices too